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Bass Bite Better As the Days Get Longer

Go Fishing For Bass As the Days Get Longer


Lake Guntersville Keeper November Bass

Lake Guntersville Keeper November Bass

2009 Captain Mike Gerry, licensed to About.com
Tis' the Season to Be Jolly, Bass Fishing will get Better Every Day

There is always some great news about Christmas time of year in the South, and North Alabama is no exception. When we have winter it generally occurs in December maybe into the first 2 weeks of January. Past that the days are getting longer and the bass fishing keeps getting better.

The Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year and it has some great meaning other than the obvious, a short day! What it tells us is that the next day we start gaining daylight, and the days get longer every day by about 2 minutes. The bass, believe it or not, react to the longer days. They feed more, they move up and down the shallow cover areas with just a little sunlight, the warm sunny afternoons become prime-time fishing and your chance of hanging that record lunker comes with every cast.

I have many customers and friends that want to wait until the chance of cold weather is gone completely before they hit the water again. My comments to them remain the same. You may miss the best time of year. Some days it's cold and some days the bass just don't bite. So get up later because there is really no need to get on the water at first light, wait a couple of hours the best fishing comes midday.

That longer days, everyday for the next several months, just increase your chances of a big fish and a record bag and a lot of fun. Yes this time of year is the season to be jolly and Christmas is just one of the reasons.

However, if you live in my world these longer days make me happier than any of the present giving holidays. You see the best present I can give is to my customers is watching them catch a personal best bass or a 30-pound stringer. Every day you are on the water from Christmas until the heat of the summer offers me that gift of giving.

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