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Lessons To Learn As You Fish a Tournament

Pay Attention To Details To Learn From A Fishing Tournament


tournament bass

This 4.02 pound bass caught Sunday in a two day club tournament helped me win.

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What can I learn from tournament fishing practice and the tournament itself that will help me catch more fish?

We have all had too many experiences like Walker Smith had practicing for a tournament and then the tournament itself. He sums up some of the things he learned after the tournament was over. How can we all learn from fishin as we fish, even if it is not in tournaments?

  • Don't keep doing things that don't work
  • Think about what you are doing and what may have changed
  • Make adjustments based on water conditions and changes
  • Keep trying different patterns until something works]
  • Look for similar patterns after catching a fish
The main thing to do is pay attention to what is going on and make adjustments. Fish can be caught every day, somewhere and somehow.

Tournament results prove this. Someone always figures out the fish. Be one of them.

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