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Spots With GPS Coordinates To Catch Lake Guntersville Bass

Where To Catch Lake Guntersville Bass


6. N 34 31 31.1 – W 86 08 14.9 - Run up to channel marker 372.2, a big marker on a pole. The South Sauty Creek channel runs into the river channel just upstream of this marker and the channel edges and grass lines along it are good this time of year. Work all your baits along both creek channels looking for concentrations of bass. Cuts and points on the old channels are good holding spots for the fish.

If you start near the channel marker and fish upstream you can follow the river channel. The break for the creek channel is not far from the channel and if you look almost straight up the river but a little to your right you will see the creek channel markers. It doe not run out straight from the creek but swings out then runs down parallel to the river for a long way.

Randy says you can start at the channel marker and fish up into the creek or stay on the river. You can fish the river ledge and grass stubble along it for seven miles going upstream and find schools of bass all along here. That gives you a good idea of the amount of water you have to cover to find schools of fish at times.

While fishing this spot and others Randy says to watch for any action on the water. Often a bass will chase a baitfish making it flick on top of the water giving away the position of a school of bass. It is always worth your time to go to any activity you see and fish around the area.

7. N 34 36 58.2 – W 86 06 29.4 - Run back into North Sauty Creek past the second bridge. Fish above the bridge around the lily pad stems, stumps and milfoil with lipless crankbaits and a light jig and pig.

This creek offers three causeways to fish and is more protected than the open river. Randy says you can start at the second bridge and work the creek edges all the way past the first bridge and out to the river channel. The first bridge has some riprap to fish. Also fish the bridge and riprap at Goose Pond on the side creek coming in.

The creek channel that winds across the flat downstream of Goose Pond Marina out to the main river channel is a good place to work carefully. There are a lot of tournaments at the marina and lots of fish are released there, restocking the area constantly. The concentration of keeper size bass is good here from those that are released. Randy says lipless crankbaits, shallow running crankbaits and a light jig and pig will catch them here.

8. N 34 36 6.9 - W 86 0 16.4 - Run up the river to the power lines. Both the outside channel ledge and the inside channel ledge from here to BB Comer Bridge have good grass stubble on them and holds a lot of fish. This time of year Randy likes to fish the back side of the ledge so work in behind the grass, too.

Keep your boat in 10 feet of water and cast out toward the river channel. You will be covering the ledge in about five or six feet of water. Work Traps and Spots as well as a lipped crankbait across this area. As in other places, watch for any change like a cut or rise and slow down when you catch a fish.

9. N 34 38 58.5 – W 86 0 1.2 - Go into the mouth of Rosebury creek back to the ramp on your left. Start fishing the bank across from the ramp working toward the back of the creek. Keep your boat near the creek channel and cast to the edges, working your bait over them. Fish all the way to the causeway in the back of the creek. There are stumps and milfoil to fish here.

This creek is where Randy has his camper and was his first stop in one of the BFL tournaments. He limited out here then went looking for bigger bass to cull. He often finds good numbers of bass back in this creek this time of year.

10. N 34 50 34.7 – W 85 49 57.1 - Go up to Mud Creek and in past the boat ramp. When the channel markers stop be careful but keep going to the second bridge and under it. The big area where the creek splits into Owen Branch and Blue Springs Branch often holds big bass this time of year. Back in this area are huge stumps near the creek channel and you don’t want to hit them with your motor, but they are what attracts the bass. There is also lots of shallow milfoil in this area.

Keep your boat in the channel and follow it, casting to both sides to hit stumps and other cover along the drop. You will be in about six feet of water and casting to very shallow water but Randy says this is where he found fish holding for several weeks when the water was 36 degrees and his rods were freezing up.

These places show you the kinds of cover and structure Randy looks for this time of year. You can fish them to get an idea of what to look for then find some similar spots of your own. These are big areas but the fish can be anywhere in them so take some time to find where they are holding. Once you get on them it will help you find them in other spots.

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