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Spots To Catch Lake Guntersville Bass

Ten Spots With GPS Coordinates


Spots To Fish With GPS Coordinates

1. N 34 21 36.4 – W 86 19 46.1 - The long causeway crossing Brown’s Creek and the shallow humps downstream of it is one of the best places to catch a big bass this time of year. He says if he had to pick one place to land a ten pound bass he would never leave Brown’s Creek. Randy landed his best bass from Guntersville, 10 pound, 11 ounce hawg, from this area on a jerkbait. You can find areas on the riprap that is also more protected from the wind than the main lake.

Work around the riprap, especially the downstream side, with a jerkbait and both kinds of crankbaits. Also cast your a jig and pig on the rocks. Some days the fish will be near the rocks and others they will be holding a little deeper, the rocks in some places run out 18 to 20 feet deep. You can see on a good map there are points and drops near the riprap and hydrilla grows on the more shallow spots.

Downstream of the causeway but near it there are humps that rise to three or four feet deep and hydrilla forms mats on them in the summer. There will still be enough grass near the bottom to hold bass now. You may have to fish around the area while watching your depthfinder to locate these shallow spots.

Throw a Spot or Trap across them and follow up with a crankbait. Fish them very slowly. Once you locate some fish you can slow down and fish a jig and pig across these shallow areas. You should feel the grass on the bottom and that will help you locate the best spots. These humps are exposed to the wind.

2. N 34 24 4.90 – W 86 12 45.8 - Run up to the mouth of Town Creek and stop at the ramp on your right going in. Start fishing that bank working a lipless crankbait over the hydrilla that remains in the area. There is deep water near the point at the ramp and bass move up and down this bank feeding.

When you reach the back of the creek where Minky Creek splits to the left jump across and fish that creek, working it as you go in. You will see three big brick houses here and there are milfoil beds to fish. This creek is shallow and holds good fish this time of year.

Fish it all the way back in Minky Creek. Remember Randy says big bass are often in three feet of water or less this time of year and may be way back in the creek. Fish Traps and Spots and crankbaits. If you don’t get bites on them try a slower moving jig and pig or jerk bait.

3. N 34 25 10.7 – W 86 15 14.1 - Across the lake follow the channel markers going into Siebold Creek and stop when you get to the island on your left not far off the bank. Start fishing the islands from there to your left toward the back of that arm. There are humps, points and islands to fish along this side.

Fish are in this area now getting ready to stage for bedding. You can often catch several on a Trap or Spot from an area then work it with a black Enticer one-quarter ounce jig with a blue or black Zoom Chunk. Cast and fish it in the grass stubble on the bottom. Work it as slowly as possible.

Randy says fish the Trap and Spot right on the bottom, crawling it along and getting it stuck in the grass. Then pop it gently loose and let it fall back to trigger a strike. You will get many more hits if you fish it with an irregular action than if you just chunk and wind.

4. N 34 27 27.6 – W 86 11 53.0 - The bank downstream of Little Mountain Park has humps, grass and duck blinds. Randy says get on this bank, put your trolling motor down and fish, there are always lots of big bass holding in this area. Some of the humps come up to only a foot deep and there are cuts and holes that are nine to 10 feet deep.

The shallows near those holes are usually the hot spots. Some ditches cross the flat, making deeper holes. There is a grassline where the water drops deeper along here and the edge of the grass is the key. Fish a crankbait along the drop when you can. There is milfoil here and the breakline is always good.

You can work this whole area from the point at Meltonsville to the marina at Little Mountain. Fish over the grass with Trap and Spot but be sure to cast a jig to the duck blinds, too. Just make sure no hunters are present! By now that should not be a problem.

5. N 34 30 27.0 – W 86 10 19.3 - Pine Island is a huge grass island in the middle of the river out from Waterfront Grocery Fishing Tackle and Supplies. This is Randy’s favorite spot on the river year round. The river channel splits and goes on both sides of the grass and drops off 35 feet deep but the top of the island is only three or four feet deep. There is also a cut in the middle of the island that is more than 12 feet deep.

This area is so vast it is hard to fish. You can spend many hours here fishing what seem to be excellent grass lines and drops without catching anything, then hit a spot that is loaded with quality bass. For some reason they will school up in one small spot that seems to us to be just like the rest.

Fish a Trap, Spot and crankbait along the breaklines and over the grass until you find the sweet spot. Once you locate a good school of fish they should hold there for a good while. The head of the island creates a current break and the shallows near deep water make excellent structure for bass.

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