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Patterns for Lake Guntersville Bass Fishing

Use These Methods and Baits for Lake Guntersville Bass


Patterns For Guntersville Bass

Bass don’t have to move much on Guntersville, according to Randy. They live in the same areas year-round, not migrating long distances like they do on some lakes. They will follow baitfish some but the grass provides so many bluegill on Guntersville that Randy thinks they are the major food source for bass.

Bass are predictable this time of year and Randy finds them in similar places each year. They move some but will usually be near a creek channel or ledge where there are good shallow water flats with grass stubble. They may concentrate in one area then move a little but they won’t move from the main lake to the back of a creek in a day or so. That helps when practicing for a tournament, but it also means many fishermen find the same fish.

No matter which bait you use it is important to fish as slowly as possible in the cold water. When your crankbait gets stuck in grass pop it loose gently and let it float up. Do the same with a Spot or Trap, popping it a little and letting it flutter back down. The bass don’t seem to want to chase a bait far, especially if it is moving fast, but Randy says they still hit hard. This time of year, even with the water in the 30s, will provide bone-jarring strikes and it feels like the bass will rip the rod out of your hand.

Randy and I fished on Guntersville in December and the bass were real scattered in the remaining hydrilla although the beds were getting sparse. Randy still landed about 20 bass that day and had two over five pounds. He could have weighed in five between 19 and 20 pounds, an excellent catch on most lakes but Randy was disappointed the big ones did not hit!

Check out the following ten spots. They run from near the dam to far up the river. Bass will hold on all of them this winter and there are other similar spots all over the lake. You just have to fish and find where the concentrations are to load the boat with big fish.

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