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BassFan Launch of Big Bass Zone

Big Bass Zone


CALIFON, N.J., December 3, 2004 -- BassFan, the global leader in fishing information, today announced the launch of the Big Bass Zone, a new feature which it believes will kick-start a new big-bass fishing craze.

The new column is co-written by southern California big bass expert Bill Siemantel and long-time fishing journalist Michael Jones, and the information they impart is "in a word, dynamite," said BassFan CEO Jay Kumar. "It's the first truly new information to come along in bass fishing in a long time, and will blow people's minds when they apply it."

Catching big bass used to be considered the pinnacle of bass fishing, but has waned over the last 10 years or so due to the popularity of tournament bass fishing. But the Big Bass Zone proves the two are not mutually exclusive. "That's just one of the amazing things about this information," Kumar said. "It can be used by anglers who are just fishing for fun and also the most diehard tournament anglers."

"Catching bigger bass has never been easy for most anglers, and as a result, everyone has accepted a defeatist attitude," Siemantel said. "For some reason, fishermen have assumed that you can't make it happen on demand. Bull. Anyone can do it, anywhere in the country. It isn't magic, it's information. That's what the Big Bass Zone is all about."

Jones said: "I'm a born skeptic, but Bill made me more than a little curious. So much so that I've spent the last seven years as a student of his big bass techniques. But my transformation didn't happen overnight. I had to unload a lifetime of mental baggage so I could accept another way of looking at bass fishing.

"BassFan.com is the perfect fit for The Big Bass Zone because it's one of the rare places that seeks out and embraces cutting-edge information," he said. "Everyone promises the latest and greatest, but BassFan is one of the few that delivers."

Siemantel added: "With BassFan's tournament coverage, industry updates, the World Rankings and everything else, it's obvious where serious anglers should be looking for information."

BassFan.com is owned by BassFan LLC, a New Jersey-based company. Over the past three years, people have logged on to BassFan.com more than 100 million times for up to-the-minute reporting on the sport and other cutting-edge information.

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