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Topwater Baits for Bass Fishing

How To Fish Top Water Baits


There are many different types of baits made for top water fishing, but I'll give you my top 10 preference. These baits work consistently just about anytime or anywhere and have been proven year after year to be some of the best. That's why I teach most of these baits during my top water segment in my bass fishing school, as well as use them with my bass charter clients. The baits I will list below will not be in any particular order of preference because the daily conditions will usually dictate which one will work the best on any given day.

Zara Spook (Manufactured by Heddon) The first bait (and probably one of my favorites) is called the "Zara Spook." This is a cigar looking bait that is built with no action. The action you give this bait can be deadly if you work it properly. The common name of the action of this bait known by many anglers is called "Walking the Dog."

The way you work this bait is to first, cast it out, then after it hits the water just let it sit for a couple of seconds, then with your rod tip down (almost touching the water) lightly twitch your rod while reeling your slack in at the same time. Try different retrieves such as three twitches, let it pause, then three or four more twitches all the way back to the boat, shore, or dock. This bait is a must for quality bass!

Senko (Manufactured by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits) The Senko is probably one of the most popular baits on today's market. The best way to fish this bait for top water is to first, use a light wire hook, without using any weight rig it Texas style. Once you are ready, cast this just about anywhere there is structure (keeping your rod tip upwards) slightly lift the tip of your rod while reeling in the slack, thus keeping the bait on or just under the waters surface, then hold on!

Floating Worm (Manufactured by Yum) The floating worm is probably one of the best top water baits that an angler may use. I use to use only 6" white or bubblegum floating worms until I was introduced to larger sizes like 9,10, and 11 inch floaters. These larger sizes made a great difference in the quality of the fish I caught. As far as color goes, the white and bubblegum will do the trick, but I just recently came across a very unique color called sherbet, which is made by "Yum." Once I tried it I was sold on them and I won't be without these baits unless the company quits manufacturing them.

The best way to rig and work a floating worm is to, first tie about a one foot leader (using your same line that's on your reel) using a very small barrel swivel tied to your main line and a light wire hook on the other end of the leader. The swivel helps prevent line twist, and the small swivel has less weight than a bigger one. Next, take the floating worm and feed the point of the hook straight down the center of the front of the worm, pushing about one inch to an inch and a half down on the point of the hook, then push the point through. Then, while the floating worm hangs straight down, place the point of the hook just inside the belly of the worm keeping it straight (Texas Style.)

Now, make a cast anywhere there may be some cover. Let it sit for a moment, then slightly twitch it, making sure you keep the slack out of your line. Repeat this all the way back to you, then cast again.

Superfluke (Manufactured by Zoom) The Superfluke is in the category of soft jerk baits. It probably has one of the best "injured minnow" actions of any soft jerk bait that I have found. Working it is a snap. First, tie a 3/0 offset worm or wide gap hook onto your line, then place the Superfluke (Texas rigged) on the hook with no weight. Cast it out, and make slight twitches keeping the bait as close to the surface as possible.

Torpedo (Manufactured by Heddon) The Torpedo is known by many as a "Prop bait", which it has a small silver prop on the end of it. The best way I found to work this bait is to; cast it out, then let it sit in one area while making slight twitches, thus causing a little bubbling action, then let it sit again. If you have ever watched a dragonfly land on the water, you will see a slight flutter of it's wings and then it will just sit still in one place. This is the most effective type of presentation you want to mimic with this bait.

Buzz Bait (Manufactured by Lazer Eye) The Buzz Bait is truly one of the most exciting top water baits ever made. I have caught many quality bass over the years with this bait, and won't leave home without it! To work this bait, simply tie it on your line and cast it out. When the Buzz Bait hits the water, immediately start your retrieve back, keeping the Buzz Bait running on top of the waters surface.

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