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February Bass Tournament

Catching February Bass in Georgia


A spot ate the tails off this jig

The trailer and two tails the spot ate beside a whole jig and pig

Ronnie Garrison
One of my clubs fished Bartlett’s Ferry last Sunday for our February tournament. I went down on Thursday and fished for six hours and had three bites - a keeper bass hit a rattletrap on a point but jumped and threw it, and then I caught a 13 inch spotted bass by a dock post on a Suddeth crankbait.

I fished one of my favorite points that is covered with brush piles and got a thump on a Carolina rigged Senko but did not hook the fish. I rode over the point before leaving and there were lots of suspended fish and clouds of baitfish around it, so it looked good.

Water temps were 49 to 51 and there was a strong wind all day. Water color was excellent - you could see a spinnerbait down about two feet. Too stained for jerkbaits but good for cranks and spinnerbaits. It was hazy cloud cover all day, contrary to the weather guessers reports.

Saturday I went by a gas station to get my daily fix of cappuccino and ran into a guy that I know slightly. He fishes with a club here in Griffin I am not in. His nickname is “Patches” because of his fishing shirts - and his truck has Javelin Boats, Bass Pro Shops, Zoom Baits and about a dozen other stickers on it. When I told him I had a tournament at Bartlett’s Ferry the next day, he said call him that night and he would tell me some of his spots.

That night I called John and we talked for a while. When I told him my partner was not going to be able to fish, he asked if he could fish as my guest and I said sure. He has a friend that has a house on Bartlett’s Ferry and he fishes it a lot.

We were fishing Sunday from 7:30 - 3:30, a little late but there was a 54 boat buddy tournament out of the same ramp. We wanted to avoid the mess launching at the same time and coming in at the same time - they were fishing from 7-3. That morning worked out pretty good - I arrived at 6:45 and most of them were already launched. I took up entry fees and watched them take off - dreading the crowds on the lake. Bartlett’s if a fairly small lake and I was afraid every place I would want to fish I would have to get in line.

John and I talked and he said he wanted to fish some spots in a creek a few miles from the launch - just past my favorite point. I suggested we stop there first and we did. I started throwing a Fat Free Fry and John was throwing a Bandit 200 series chartruese/blue splatterback. buy direct On the first pass he caught two 13 inch spots - beating me bad.

When we turned to go across it again, I picked up a Ghost Shad Pointer 78 jerkbait buy direct and worked it. I got a bite quick and landed a bass the exact size I hate to catch - it just touched the 12 inch keeper line. Since it as my first it went into the livewell with the comment “I hope I can cull this one.”

Nothing else hit for either of us so on the next pass I threw a Suddeth crankbait, and landed a solid 2 pound largemouth. The fish were hitting out near the boat over about 12 feet of water so we made a couple of passes further out, covering the water we had been sitting over. No bites. We also tried jig and pig and Carolina rigs in the brush piles without a bite. We stayed on that point for about two hours and caught no more fish, but four in the live well was not a bad start.

John wanted to go to a dock near the mouth of a cove so we went to it. A good 2 pound largemouth hit my Fat Free Fry in some brush on the left side of the dock and it went into the livewell. I dropped a Rattleback jig buy direct with a Zoom Fat Albert twin curly tail trailer buy direct by the dock, and it went to the right as it fell. When I snatched, there was nothing there. I pitched right back and the jig went to the left as it fell. Again, noting when I snatched.

When I reeled in I noticed both tips of the curly tail were gone. I had dyed them chartreuse. I pitched the jig back to the same place, laid my rod down and dug around for another trailer. When I found it and dyed the tails, I picked up my rod and realized my line was back under the boat. This time when I snatched there was a 13 inch spot on the hook! It went into the livewell. (see the picture at the right)

I now had three good keepers and one questionable one, but felt pretty good since it was only about 11:00 AM.

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