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Information On Fishing A Drop Shot Rig

Where, When and How I Fish A Drop Shot Rig for Bass


Dropshot Spot From Carters Lake

Louie says: "I caught this fish on a drop-shot worm and 4 POUND LINE today!!! That was awesome, the fish weighed 4.8, a trophy spot. The fish was suspended up on a hump just off the channel...."

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Last week I talked about how I tie the drop shot rig. Here are some more ideas that work for me:

Where to fish the drop shot rig

Clear water is best for drop shotting since it is a visual presentation and the bass need to get a good look at the bait, unlike times you want a reaction bite. It will work, but not as well, in stained water.

Drop shot rigs excel in deep water when the fish are suspended off the bottom. Deep points, road beds and humps that are smooth are classic places to fish them. By rigging the worm weedless you can also fish it in brush and around other cover.

I caught my one keeper in a tournament yesterday - 7/8/01 - on a drop shot worm on a road bed at West Point. It hit in about 25 feet of water and was one of only three keeper largemouth brought in - gave me 2nd place even though it weighed only 1-15. There is a full report of the tournament on the forum.

I have had good luck around shallow rockpiles with this rig, too. It can be worked around docks and blowdowns. So the answer is, fish this rig anywhere you think fish might be holding!

When to fish the drop shot rig.

If bass are suspended off the bottom, a drop shot rig is perfect because you can vary the length of the leader and put the bait right in front of them. So if you are seeing fish suspended, try it. A good depthfinder will show you how far off the bottom the fish are suspended and tell you how long a leader you need to tie.

Also, when there is heavy fishing pressure and the bass are spooky, the drop shot gives them another look to consider, something they are not as used to, yet. It also helps that you can keep the bait right in their face for a long time. So, fish the drop shot anytime but especially when bass are suspended or when they are under a lot of pressure.

How to fish the drop shot rig

The drop shot works well at any speed, but a slow presentation is best. You can drop it down to fish in deep water, tighten up your line and shake the worm right in front to the bass. And when you shake the rod tip the bait shakes and jiggles more than on any other rig.

In shallow water it is best to keep your rod tip high to raise the bait further off the bottom. The higher the angle the more distance between the bait and the bottom. Hold the rod tip high and shake the worm in one place.

What To Use

I like the TTI Standout Hooks since they make it easier to position the hook so the worm sicks out vertically. I tie it on six to eight pound test fluorocarbon line on a spinning outfit with a six foot rod and reel with a good drag. I use Mojo sinkers made for drop shotting that clip on the line and like the long, thin leads rather than round ones, they don't seem to get hung up as badly.

I often use a Zoom Tiny Fluke or four-inch Dead Ringer or Finesse worm. I like watermelon in clear water, the best conditions for fishing drop shot. You can also "Bubba" drop shot, using big worms, bigger hooks and heavier sinkers.

So, fish the drop shot anywhere you think there might be fish, fish it fast or slow and fish it anytime you are fishing. It gives you another weapon in your bag of tricks to catch bass.

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