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The Rest Of The Practice Day

Georgia Fishing Trip


I caught this bass at West Point on a cold, windy day.

I caught this bass on a cold, windy day in late February.

2008 Ronnie Garrison licensed to About.com
Our next stop was a shallow point where I had caught fish before. I wanted to try a lot of different things since I was not sure what the pattern was, and sure enough I caught a small keeper on a crankbait on this point.

Another ride took us to the Marina and we stopped on a point across from it. The parking lot was full and I was glad we had put in up the river. It was about noon now and we planned on fishing around the Marina area until weigh-in started at 2:30. I wanted to check out what folks were catching and what they were catching them on.

We did not have a bite on the first point but when my jig sank on the next rocky point a bass thumped it and I quickly landed a solid keeper that probably weighed just under two pounds. We fished on around the next cove and I missed a bass that picked up my jig in the edge of a grass bed and swam out with it. After that bite I told Fritz we should check out the warm water discharge creek since the water we were fishing had warmed to almost 60 degrees from its effects.

In Beaverdam Creek the water was in the upper 60's to low 70's and fishermen were everywhere. We tried a couple of places in it but did not have a bite. Fritz started to change spinnerbaits and could not find his Tackle Logic spinnerbait pouch. We remembered seeing it at the stop before this one so we figured it had blown out of the boat between them. Even though we went back and rode the area twice, we did not see it. We also went in and reported the loss to the Marina director and the folks at the tournament, hoping someone had picked it up and would turn it in.

After watching several teams weigh in five fish limits we knew the bass were biting all over the lake. We went back out and fished until 4:00 PM but the loss of the tackle pack put a damper on the rest of the day. We headed in and got the boat out of the water by 5:00. I was worried about the tournament because bass seemed to be on no particular pattern. I really did not know where to start the next day in the tournament.

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