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Fishing Lake Jordan with Greg Vinson

Lake Jordan Fishing with Greg Vinson


Jerkbait Bass Caught by Greg Vinson

Greg Vinson, second place finisher in the 2012 Bassmasters Classic, with Jerkbait Bass

2012 Ronnie Garrison, licensed to About.com
I did have a good trip to Lake Jordan in Alabama a few years ago. I fished with Greg Vinson, a young fishermen competing in the BASS Elite Series tournaments. That is the highest level of competition and Greg finished 4th last year in the Rookie of the Year standings. In 2012 he placed second in the Bassmasters Classic.

We had planned on meeting at the lake near Montgomery at daylight but the weather predictions were for heavy rain until noon. I met him at 11:00 AM Alabama time and the rain over there had stopped, although it was a frog washer on me driving over. We had lunch and got on the water at 1:00, and the rain had stopped. It actually turned out to be a pretty day. The sun even came out.

Greg knows Jordan Lake well since he lives 20 minutes from it and fishes it several times each week. He thought conditions would be perfect, with current running down the lake from the rain. And he had been catching a lot of big spotted bass earlier in the week.

The first rocky point we fished Greg got a pretty 3.5 pound spot, and I thought it was going to be a great day. But my jinks held up. Four hours later we had not caught another fish. Just before quitting we ran back to the point where he caught the spot and we fished it.

I was throwing a Sebile Magic Swimmer swim bait on a fairly light casting outfit and ten pound test Suffix line. Something slammed the bait and I set the hook on what felt like a freight train. We saw a huge swirl in the water and the fish started running into the current going up the lake. All I could do was hold on. Luckily the drag slipped like it is supposed to an the line held up.

Greg followed the fish with the trolling motor and we wondered what it could be. There are freshwater drum in the lake and they get big, and fight like that fish did. I hoped it was a huge spotted bass but we both agreed it was probably a drum or a striped bass.

I finally got the fish to the boat and Greg netted a 20 pound striper for me. It is the biggest striper I have ever caught and Greg said it was the biggest one he had seen from that lake.

After taking some pictures we let the fish go, made a few more fruitless casts and went home. It was a fun trip and I got the information I needed for the Alabama Outdoor News magazine article but we were disappointed we didn’t catch more bass.

Jordan is on the Coosa River just east of Montgomery. Since there is a chain of lakes along the river they don’t muddy up as much as our lakes do so that might be a good choice for a trip now. Jordan is less than three hours away and it is known for its big spotted bass.

Spots are more aggressive than largemouth and bite better in the cold water, so they can save a trip. In fact, I hope some spots bite at Jackson today. But they like clear water, and there isn’t any of that for miles around here.

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