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Fishing for Bass

Bass Fishing Can Be Complicated


tournament bass

This 4.02 pound bass caught Sunday in a two day club tournament helped me win.

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There are seven or eight species of black bass in the US and they have been transplanted worldwide. Bass are one of the most popular freshwater fish and tournaments for them are big business, with professional fishermen winning up to a million dollars in one tournament. For a time there was a professional bass tour for women only. Pros even have their own fan bases and groupies. Many professional fishermen share their tips and tactics on catching bass with other fishermen.

Thousands of weekend fishermen enter local tournaments every week and try to win money and prizes by catching the heaviest limit of bass. Bass clubs are very popular and there are two federations of bass clubs, one under the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society and the other under the FLW group. There are even college bass fishing teams that compete for scholarships. Bass fight hard and jump when hooked, adding to the excitement.

The world record largemouth bass was caught in 1932 and held up until 2009 when it was tied by a bass caught in Japan. The quest for a new record was fanatical for some and was said to be worth a million dollars to the angler catching it.

Bass can be caught on just about any kind of bait but artificial baits are the norm, and that is a huge business. Crankbaits, spinnerbaits, plastic baits, topwater baits and jigs, and spoons are just a few of the kinds of artificial baits used for bass. Plastic baits like plastic worms are probably the most popular of all baits. Even hooks for different kinds of plastic baits are very specialized.

Bass baits come in every color imaginable but some say the colors are to catch the fisherman in the store, not the bass in the lake. Yet at times color seems to make a huge difference in what the bass will hit.

The way you fish for bass varies a lot based on season and water temperature. In cold water their metabolism slows down and they are harder to catch, but they can be caught. Fall fishing, before the water gets real cold, can be great as can be spring fishing. Hot summertime fishing in the south can be tough though.

Fishing for bass while they are on the bed is illegal in some states but accepted practice in many others. Some consider it unethical but it does not hurt the bass population where it is legal.

A lot of people fish for them at night, but most fishing for bass is during the day. The ways you fish different kinds of structure and cover like riprap can be surprising.

There are many magazines dedicated to bass fishing and all outdoor magazines will have some bass fishing articles in them. Whole books focus on different aspects of bass fishing with tips on catching them.

Fishermen have their favorite lakes or rivers for bass fishing but that varies from person to person. Many even use GPS coordinates to mark places to fish.

Tournament fishermen release all the bass they catch but bass taste good and there are many interesting ways to cook them.

All this may make you wonder why people love bass fishing if you have never tried it. The grins on the faces of fishermen in the bass bragging board may give you a clue.

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