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Fishing for Bass In Lakes

Where To Find Bass When Fishing Lakes


These two nice spotted bass were caught at Lake Russell in Georgia in March.

These two nice spotted bass were caught at Lake Russell in Georgia in March.

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Fishing in a lake for largemouth bass is the norm. They adapt well to all kinds of lakes, from deep clear rocky bodies of water to shallow weed filled lakes. They are ambush fish so they are usually found around cover, especially when feeding.

Where To Find Bass In A Lake

Look for shallow cover like weedbeds, brush and trees in the water and rocks. Bass hold in the cover and dart out to grab food like minnows and crayfish, so look for small cuts or pockets in the weeds, junctions of limbs on trees and brush and crevices in the rocks. Bass will hold in any gap like this and ambush their food.

Deeper cover like rocks and brush piles on points, drops and humps also hold bass. Since you can't see that cover, fish it all over since the bass will be holding in a spot you can't target.

Baits To Use Fishing For Bass In Lakes

Bass will eat anything they can get in their mouth, and they have big mouths. Live bait that works well include minnows, crayfish and salamanders. All kinds of artificials are sold to catch bass. Basic baits like plastic worms, crankbaits, spinnerbaits and spoons that mimic their food are best to start with when fishing for bass. Choose a bait that looks like their food and that will work best in the cover you are fishing.

Tackle To Use Fishing For Bass In Lakes

As a rule of thumb, use as light a rod and reel and line as you can get away with using where you are fishing. You will get more bites and the fight is more fun. In heavy cover use heavy action rods and 20 pound test line or heavier. In open water six to eight pound test line on light action rods will lake big bass.

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