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Do Fish Attractants Work?

Using Fish Attractants


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JJs Magic

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There has been a lot of controversy over "Fish Attratcants" or otherwise known as "Fish Scents". In the past, I've noticed that many of my former bass angling students as well as by bass guide clients have always come prepared with plenty of "Fish Attractant", and wow! do they ever use it. They will grab that particular bait they are using, hold it over the boats edge, and really pour it on.

Is that method really practical? There are several different types of "Fish Attractants" on the market today in a multi-billion dollar industry where bass fishing is concerned, and the marketing is very costly!, and somewhere the companies have to sell, sell, sell, to make up for the high cost of marketing. Many commercials whether it be TV, Radio, Magazines, Outdoor Shows, etc. have to get the anglers to buy this stuff!

First of all let me explain the importance of "Fish Attractant". A freshwater black bass (Largemouth, Smallmouth, or Spotted) will usually spit out a bait within 2 or 3 seconds if the bass dosen't accept the taste (if it picks up the bait at all). On the other side of the coin, if a bass likes the scent or attractant, it can hold the bait up to as much as 30 seconds or more before it spits the bait out. Fish Attractant does not really "Attract" fish, but using it, your odds on setting the hook will be greater by using it rather than not.

Now, let's get back to marketing once again. The companies that manufacture Fish Attractants or Scents want the anglers to "Use it by dousing the bait with it." Well, if you have lots of money, go right ahead! Most tackle shops that I've been to have a variety of Attractants and Scents, and they cost the angler anywhere from $1.99 up to $10.00, and when an angler "Douses the Bait" several times, he or she is ready for another bottle, and that can get expensive after awhile. Now, most plastic baits on the market today are manufactured with a "Scent" already put in the bait. Now, why would you want to douse this same bait with additional Fish Attractant? It really makes no sense at all does it?

However, there is a reason why one would want to buy and use Fish Attractant. Now, just think of this; first of all, a freshwater black bass can scent 1-200th of a drop of a substance in about 100 gallons of water. Wow, what an accute sense of taste! This just goes to say that whenever you go fishing in the morning, "Gas-Up" the night before!

Now, let's get right to the point, and hopefully this point can and will save you some of your hard earned cash. When you go fishing, the first thing that you might do before you hit the water is to wash your hands with soap and water, this will "Hopefully" clean any foreign scents off of your hands that may get on your baits when you handle them. Second, take that bottle of "Fish Attractant" and pour a little bit on your hands and rub them together, like a hand lotion. Now! your ready for action, because now any bait that you touch will have this Fish Attractant scent added to it.

Just think of the money you will save from just pouring the formula over the bait. A bottle of Fish Attractant should now last you about 20X as long as it did before. I will not tell you which ones to buy, but, I use only "Natural Scents" like crawfish or Shad.

Remember, the anglers pay for the High Cost of marketing of a product, so of course they want you to use lots of that product! So, "Fish Attractants" are they really worth it? Yes!, but use it as a hand lotion and you will find yourselves saving money and getting the same results as if you were dousing the bait with this Fish Attractant! "Remember, the Presentation of the Bait is the MOST IMPORTANT!"

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