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Bedding Bass On Lake Eufaula

A Good Trip for Bedding Bass on Lake Eufaula


Tuesday, March 9, 1999, Brendan Smith showed me how he won the Georgia Bass Chapter Federation Top Six Tournament at Lake Eufaula last April. The bass were already bedding, just like they were a in that tournament. The water is warmer this year and they are a month ahead of last year.

The first place we stopped Brendan landed an 8 pound bass on a spinnerbait - the bait he used to win the Top Six. During that tournament he fished pockets near White Oak Creek and caught five keepers on the first day weighing 20 pounds and three weighing 10 pounds on the second day. That was enough to beat the 600 other competitors in the tournament.

Brendan added two more three pound fish like the one below in another pocket. They hit the Terminator spinnerbait,(buy direct) too.

Later, Brendan brought his Terminator Spinnerbait by a brush top and a good fish hit it. The fish pulled off, but hit again a little later. It weighed six pounds.

Just before Brendan caught the six pounder, he let me catch one! The five pounder in the picture hit my Norman Little N crankbait (buy direct) right at the boat, and put up quite a fight before I was able to land it.

After Brendan landed his six pounder, I added another one weighing almost three pounds to our stringer. That made six bass weighing almost 28 pounds - quite a day on the lake!

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