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Bass Pro Fishermen

What Is A Bass Pro?


Kevin Wirth Interview By Nashville TV Station

Kevin Wirth Interview By Nashville TV Station

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Bass pros are professionals in the fishing sport. They spend most of their lives traveling to tournaments, fishing in practice for them and in them, and working shows for their sponsors. They also spend a lot of time talking to the media. A bass pro works hard but many young anglers want to follow in those careers.

What is the difference between a bass pro fisherman and an amateur fisherman? I have some thoughts on this based on my trips with some of the pros. Can anyone become a professional? Yes, but becoming a successful bass pro fisherman is a different question!

Fishing tips from bass professionals can help you catch more bass. Top bass pros like Skeet Reese, who offers tips on deep and shallow water fishing as well as bait scents that work in cold water will help you c hoose what to do.

Boyd Duckett is a bass pro that has offered several tips on pitching for bass and even saving money on fishing trips. He tells some of the key elements of tournament fishing from a inside perspective. I fished with him and was amazed at some of his skills.

Kevin Wirth is a well known bass pro that also rode in the Kentucky Derby. He works with Early Times Whiskey in their Reel In A Million contest as well as competing in the pro trails.

Guide Roger Brown has discussed many tips on fishing and also tells what to expect if you want to be a bass pro.

There are women professional bass fishermen, too. Pam Martin-Wells is one of the best and one of only two women to make the Bassmasters Classic.

Do bass pro fishermen have a sixth sense for catching bass? Sometimes I think so. I wish I had more of it!

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