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Bass Fishing On Lake Tobesofkee

Fishing A Tournament At Lake Tobesofkee


Bass Fishing On Lake Tobesofkee
Last summer I fished Lake Tobesofkee with Clayton Batts to get information for a Georgia Outdoor News Map of the Month article. Clayton lives on the lake that is just outside Macon and fishes it a lot. He is a very good bass fisherman, and was leading the points standings in the BFL trail so far that year and doing well in many other tournaments.

Clayton also is on the Big Bite Baits Pro Staff. I met him a few years ago when I toured the factory in Georgetown, Georgia where they pour thousands of plastic baits each day. He is young but already an accomplished bass fisherman that will go far in the tournament world.

When Clayton agreed to do the article he said he wanted to also fish the weekly Wednesday night bass tournament there. We met at 5:30 and ran around the lake getting pictures and information on the ten holes for the article. We also talked about patterns the bass would be on and what baits to use.

At 7:00 PM we were back at the ramp to blast off for the four hour tournament. There were 27 boats in the tournament, an average number. It is a team tournament with each pair of fishermen allowed to weigh in seven bass over 12 inches long. You can fish by yourself but it helps to have two people trying to catch the limit.

We were boat 18 and when Clayton stopped on a hump where were three other boats almost within casting distance. We saw each of the anglers in one boat catch keepers off the hump. Clayton missed a couple of bites but we didn’t hook anything for about 30 minutes. Two of the other boats left and two of us fished and talked.

I felt a thump on my jig head worm and hooked our first keeper bass. A few minutes later Clayton got one on a Carolina rigged worm, then I got our third. Within a few more minutes Clayton put our fourth keeper in the boat. That was a good start in the first 90 minutes.

For about an hour right at dark we fished shallow grass beds with topwater baits and worms but didn’t get any hits. Then Clayton started hitting brush piles in the dark. Over the next hour and a half he got three more keepers, including one just under four pounds, all on the Carolina rig. I didn’t catch another bass. He got the last one just ten minutes before weigh-in at 11:00.

I was surprised when "we" won with seven weighing 9.98 pounds. Clayton’s big fish just missed being big bass in the tournament. It took just over nine pounds for second and third and fourth were in the seven pound range.

If you would like to fish this tournament just show up at Claystone Park ramp at about 6:30 and pay your money. But remember many of these guys fish the lake almost every day.

Tobesofkee is close and a very pretty lake. It has some big bass in it. Just two weeks ago it took seven weighing 21 pounds to win the four hour night tournament. It gets very crowded on the weekends but a week day trip would be fun, even in the heat. It is a good night fishing lake.

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