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Bass Fishing

Bass fishing sites with all kinds of fishing info about all kinds of bass.
  1. Bass Fishing FAQs (4)

I Love Bass Fishing
I love bass fishing.

Tactics That Worked Fishing A Night Tournament
My tactics may help you catch fish at night

Fun Fishing Guntersville, Tobesofkee and Jackson
I had fun on three lakes during the summer.

Savannah Fishing
There is lots of freshwater and saltwater fishing in Savannah

Why Are Bass Fishing Plugs So Expensive
Are expensive bass fishing plugs better?

Bass Fishing On Lake Tobesofkee
Fishing a tournament at Lake Tobesofkee

I Like Fishing Tournaments At Lake Martin
I caught some bass fishing a tournament at Lake Martiona

Fishing On the Flint River
Fishing on the Flint River

Fishing On Three Different Lakes
I had fun fishing three lakes

Bass Tournament in December
What happened in a club tournament

Stroking A Jig Will Catch Bass
Stroking a jig will catch bass.

2013 Bassmasters Classic on Grand Lake
2013 Bassmasters Classic Info

What Is Patterning Bass and How Do I Do It?
Tips on patterning bass

Catching Bass On Topwater Baits
Kelly Jordan talks about catching bass on topwater lures.

Catching Bass On Topwater Baits Is Exciting
Catching bass on topwater baits

Fishing Grass with Frogs and Rats
Tips on fishing grass with rats and frogs

Fishing Lake Jordan with Greg Vinson
I fished Lake Jordan with Greg Vinson

What Is Cold Front Fishing and Why Is It Tough?
Cold front fishing causes problems.

What Is An Alabama Rig for Fishing?
The Alabama Rig is taking bass fishing by storm

Two Ways To Catch Shallow Bass
Two ways to catch shallow bass.

Use Multi-Lure Rigs To Match the Hatch
What is a multi lure rig and how can it help me match the hatch?

What Is Being Rigged for Bass Fishing in Lakes
Scott Glorvigen tells how to be rigged and ready for lake fishing for bass

Fishing Lake Amistad for Big Bass
How to catch big bass on Lake Amistad

Fishing Jerkbaits for Prespawn Bass
Fishing Jerkbaits for prespawn bass

Changing Fishing Lures During the Bass Spawn
When is the right time to change fishing lures during the bass spawn?

Fishing Muddy Water
Why muddy water should not affect your attitude and how to fish it.

Catching Bass in Shallow Water
How to catch bass in shallow water.

Fishing Small Jigs for Bass
Fishing small jigs in cold water for bass

How To Fish A Grassbed With A Jig and Pig
What tools to use and how to use them to fish a jig and pig in grassbeds.

Using Crayfish Imitating Lures for Bass
Mark Menendez explains why to use crayfish imitation lures for bass

Tips from Two Fishing Trips
I learned some tips on two fishing trips that might help you catch fish.

How Top Tell the Age Of Bass
How to tell the age of bass

Fishing Jerkbaits Year Round
Jerkbaits are good any time of year

Does Color of Fishing Lures Matter
Does the color of your fishing lure really matter?

2012 Bassmasters Classic Information
2012 Bassmasters Classic Information

Do Fish Attractants Work?
Do fish attractants work?

How Fast Do Alabama Bass Grow?
How fast do Alabama bass grow?

Cycles of Bass In Georgia Lakes
Why do fish species go through cycles in lakes?

Jake Davis Lakes Nickajack and Guntersville Guide
Jake Davis guides on Nickajack and sends in these fishing reports

Trying To Catch Bass After A Cold Front
Trying to catch bass after a cold front

Ron Brooks Fishes Rodman Reservoir
Ron Brooks shares fishing experiences on Rodman Reservoir

How To Catch Bass In Early Spring
How To Catch Bass In Early Spring

How To Choose the Right Fishing Line
How to choose the right fishing line.

Center Hill Lake in Tennessee
I had a fun trip to Center Hill Lake in Tennessee

Having A Bass Replica Mount Made
I had a replica made of my biggest bass ever

Fishing A Jerkbait
When and how to fish a jerkbait

How To Choose A Bass Fishing Lure Color
How to choose a good color for bass fishing lures

Fishing a Trick Worm
Fishing a Trick Worm can be productive

What Is Finesse Fishing
What is finesse fishing?

Information On Fishing A Drop Shot Rig
Where, when and how i fish a drop shot rig

Fishing for Bedding Bass
Bedding bass can be hard to catch.

Bass Are On The Beds In the Spring
When bass are bedding should you try to catch them?

What Are Some Problems With Spotted Bass?
Spots cause problems when introduced into lakes where they are not native.

Fishing for Bass in Cold Water
Try these tips for catching bass in cold water.

Fishing Report from Lake Nickajack and Tims Ford
Fishing report on Lake Nickajack and Tims Ford from Captain Jake Davis

Fishing for Bass
Bass fishing is more complicated than you might think.

Bass Pro Fishermen
What are bass pro fishermen?

How To Fish A Cypress Tree
What is the best way to fish a cypress tree?

Fishing Top Water Baits Early In the Spring
You can catch bass early in the spring on top water baits.

What Is Fantasy Fishing
What is fantasy fishing and how do I play?

Lessons To Learn As You Fish a Tournament
You should pay attention to details and adjust as you fish a tournament

Why Join A Bass Fishing Club
Why join a bass fishing club?

Bedding Bass On Lake Eufaula
Catching bedding bass on Lake Eufaula

Carolina Rigs for Spring Fishing -
Captain Mike tells how to rig and fish a Carolina rig in the spring

Leading and Stroking a Crank Bait Will Help You Catch Bass
Leading and Stroking a Crank Bait Will Help You Catch Bass

How To Fish Rats For Bass
Catching Bass On Rats

How To Fish High Water
How to fish high water

How To Fish Heavily Crowded Lakes
How to Deal with Heavy Crowded Lakes

2011 Bassmasters Classic
The 2011 Bassmasters Classic is on the Louisiana Delta

New Technique Sight Fishing For Bass
A new way to sight fish for bass

Fishing the Banks On A Big Lake
Fishing the Banks On A Big Lake

Fishing Trip To Georgia
Fritz came south and fished with me and we had varied luck.

There Are Many Ways To Fish A Rattle Bait
There Are Many Ways To Fish A Rattle Bait

Fishing On An Aging Lake
Captain Mike Gerry talks about how Guntersville is aging and how to find bass on an aging lake.

Catching Bass When Shad Spawn
Bass feed heavily on the shad spawn and are easy to catch

Is Catching Bedding Bass Bad?
Is fishing for and catching bass off the bed bad for the sport?

Catching Shallow Bass In January
Captain Mike Gerry says your best bet for big bass on Guntersville in January is in shallow water.

IGFA Certifies New World Record Bass
IGFA Certifies New World Record Bass

Bass Bite Better As the Days Get Longer
Captain Mike Gerry says the longer days after Christmas mean better bass fishing.

Top Bass Fisherman of the Decade
Tell us your choice for best bass fisherman of the 2000 - 2009 decade.

Bass Fisherman of the Decade, 2000 - 2009
Who is the best pro bass fisherman of the 2000 - 2009 decade?

Qualities of the Best Pro Bass Fishermen
Boyd Duckett looks at the pro bass fishermen

What Is Your Favorite Alabama Bass Lake
Is your favorite Alabama bass lake on this list? If so, tell us why and how you fish it. If not, tell us about your favorite, why it is your favorite, and give us some tips on catching bass there.

Bass Fishing On Lake Aliceville
Fishing on Aliceville Lake in Alabama, with GPS coordinates for spots to fish in April

Alabama's Best Bass Lakes
Alabama has some fantastic bass lakes so it is hard to decide which ones are best. The Bass Angler Information Team statistics can help guide you, depending on what you want. Some lakes are better for numbers of bass and others are best for bigger fish. And a few offer the best of both.

Bass Fishing On Lake Guntersville
Randy Tharp marks ten spots to catch bass on Lake Guntersville

Catching Big Lake Guntersville September Bass -
Captain Mike Gerry explains how to find and catch big bass in September on Guntersville.

Bass Fishing In November is Specail On Guntersville
Captain Mike Gerry says November is a special time of year for bass fishing on Guntersville

Bass Tournament Trails In Georgia
Georgia bass fishermen have a variety of tournament trails they can compete in, ranging from big lakes to small ones.

Bass Fishing Information
Creel census reports give good information on bass fishing

Catch and Relese Bass Fishing
The good and bad of catch and release.

Big Northern Strain Largemouth
Warren Wolk shares his story of a big northern strain largemouth in February.

Bass Fishing Tournament Strategy
Boyd Duckett talks about bass fishing tournament strategy

Catching Schooling Bass
Captain Mike Gerry says use a jigging spoon to catch schooling bass

New World Record Bass Caught In Japan
Has a new world record bass been caught?

Boat Positon Tips From The Bass Coach
The Bass Coach, Roger Lee Brown, explains how to position your boat to catch more bass under varying conditions

How To Keep Fish Alive In the Heat
Keep your fish alive in the heat

Boyd Duckett On Fishing Luck
Boyd Duckett discusses the role fishing luck plays in top tournaments

Power Fishing for Bass
Captain Mike Gerry explains power fishing

When Do You Use Topwater Baits?
Share when you fish topwater baits for bass.

When To Use Topwater Baits for Bass
Topwater baits provide exciting hits from bass. Here are some tips on when to use them.

Fishing Big Spoons for Bass
Fishing big spoons for bass is a new technique.

How Do You Fish A Trick Worm?
Share your Trick Worm tricks

Elite Series Angler Disqualified - What Do You Think?
An Elite Series angler was disqualified - what do you think about the controversy?

Elite Bass Angler Disqualified At Guntersville
An Elite series angler was disqualified at Lake Guntersville. Here is Boyd Duckett's take on what happened

Spring Time Bass Fishing Skills
Captain Mike Gerry offers some skills you need to catch bass in the spring.

Professional Bass Fishermen Differences From Amateurs
Why can pro bass fishermen catch fish when the rest of us struggle?

Boyd Duckett On Tough Fishing
Boyd Duckett discusses tough fishing in a couple of tournaments and searches for solutions.

World Record Bass Bragging Rights
A Georgia bass has held the world record for over 70 years.

Fishing The Womens Bassmaster Tour Championship
Susan Dameron describes fishing the WBT Championship

Night Time Is The Right Time For Georgia Bass Fishing
Fishing at night makes sense for many reasons, especially here in Georgia

Lake Guntersville Roseberry Creek Spraying Issue
Captain Mike Gerry gives his opinion on spraying on Roseberry Creek

How Speed and Depth Affect Lure Selection
Captain Mike Gerry says depth and speed controls lure selection.

Finding Big Bass On Guntersville
Captain Mike Gerry offers tips to catching big bass on Lake Guntersville

Bassmasters Classic 2010 On Lay Lake
BASS announces Lay Lake in Alabama will be the site of the 2010 Classic.

Bedding Fish Tips
Five tips on fishing for bedding bass.

Spinner Bait Time
Captain Mike Gerry says its time to get the spinner baits out.

Handling Big Bass
Jim Shepherd shares some info from the Texas Wildlife folks on how to handle big bass.

Key Elements of Tournament Fishing
Boyd Duckett discusses the key elements of tournament fishing.

Learn To Read the Lake Bottom
Learn to read the lake bottom to catch more bass.

Stump Fishing in the Spring
Fishing stumps in the spring is a good way to catch bass

Go Big with Late Winter Rattle Baits
Captain Mike explains about using big rattle baits in the late winter

Skeet Reese Wins Bassmasters Classic
Skeet Reese wins the 2009 Bassmaters Classic

Kim Bain Moore At The Classic
Kim Bain Moore is the first female to qualify for the Bassmasters Classic

Bassmasters Classic Preview 2009
What the anglers are facing in the 2009 Bassmasters Classic

Bassmasters Classic Five Requirements
Boyd Duckett offers five things that a contender in the Bassmasters Classic must accomplish to win.

Carolina Rig Set-Up - The Ideal Set-Up for a Carolina -Rig
Captain Mike Gerry tells how to set up a Carolina rig.

Bassmasters Classsic - Headed To the Bassmasters Classic
Pros headed to the Bassmasters Classic

PAA News Amid Pro Fishing Cutbacks
Boyd Duckett tells how the PAA is stepping up in tough times.

Some Follow Up Tips on Muddy Water Fishing
Captain Mike Gerry discusses horizontal mud lines

Understanding Spinner Baits
Captin Mike Gerry says it is important to know how spinnerbaits work.

2009 Bassmasters Classic
The 2009 Bassmasters Classic will be on the Red River

Jelani "JJ" Hennessey Fishing Pro
Jelani "JJ" Hennessey starts fishing the pro circuit

Boyd Duckett Fishing Lake Demopolis
I got the chance to fish Lake Demopolis with Boyd Duckett

Boyd Duckett
Boyd Duckett

Fishing A Night Tournament In Moonlight
Does the moonlight make fish bite?

FLW Cup 2010
FLW Cup Tournament Scheduled for Georgia

Articles On Lake Guntersville From Captain Mike Gerry
Captain Mike Gerry gives some advice on catching bass on Lake Guntersville

Bass Pictures
Bass Pictures

Georgia Bass Fishing Columns
These columns first appeared in Georgia Sportsman Magazine

Mother and Daughter Qualify for WBT Championship
Mother and Daughter Qualify for WBT Championship

Women's Bassmaster Tour At Clark's Hill
Susan Dameron tells of her climb to the top twenty at the Woman's Bassmaster Tour at Clark's Hill

Competitive Angling Online
A new type of on line fishing competition

Michael Bennett Wins Forrest Wood Cup
Forrest Wood Cup winner Michael Bennett

Forrest Wood Cup
Jim Shepherd reports from the Forest Wood Cup

Shallow Fishing With Skeet Reese
Skeet Reese tells how to catch shallow water bass

Skeet Reese Profile
Skeet Reese is a bass pro sponsored by the companies listed here and has written the articles listed here.

Jay Yelas on Catching Schooling Bass
Jay Yelas gives tips on catching schooling bass

Women's Bassmaster Tour - Neely Henry
Susan Dameron posts her journal of the WBT at Neely Henry.

Fishing At Night with Scott Suggs
Scott Suggs tells why he likes fishing at night and ways to catch bass while fishing at night

2007 Women's Bass Tour Lake Dardanelle Practice
Susal Dameron's practice for the WBT Lake Dardanelle 2007 tournament

Bass Fishing In The Shade
Scott Suggs gives tips on catching summer bass in the shade

World Record Bass Found Dead
Thee big California bass called Dottie was found dead. This is the bass that was claimed by some to be a new world record.

Early Times Whisky Reel In A Million Contest Winner
The 2008 Early Times Whisky Reel In A Million contest winner will fish for prizes in Tennessee

Susan Dameron - In The Beginning On The Women's Bassmaster Tour
Susan's first WBT tournament was a real learning experience.

Fishing For Spawning Bass
Jay Yelas gives tips on fishing for bass on the bed.

Jay Yelas Professional Bass Fisherman
Profile and articles by Jay Yelas

Fishing The Shad Spawn
Bass go wild when the shad spawn and you can load the boat if you are in the right place at the right time.

Susan Dameron's Woman's Bassmaster Tour Journal
Susan Dameron's Women's Bassmaster Tour journal from Lake Lewisville, Texas April 2008 tournament

Bass Tournament Record Catch Shattered
Paul Elias shattered the four day, 20 bass catch in a tournament with 132 pounds.

Creel Census Bass Tournament Fishing Reports
Georgia and Alabama bass clubs keep up with all their tournament catches and they are compiled in a creel census report.

Alton Jones Wins BASS Classic
Alton Jones won his first Bassmasters Classic

From BASS Classic to BASS Classic
Susan Dameron tells of her experiences at the BASS Classic over the past few years.

Susan Dameron
Pictures of Susan Dameron, professional fisherman on the Woman's Bassmaster Tour

Susan Dameron Bass Fisherman On The Woman's Bass Tour
Susan Dameron is a fisherman on the Woman's Bass Tour

Susan Dameron's Start In Bass Fishing
Susan Dameron tells of her start in bass fishing

Smallmouth Bass Pictures
Smallmouth Bass Pictures And The Fishermen That Caught Them

Catching Cold Front Bass
Scott Suggs tells how he catches bass after a cold front.

Scott Suggs Professional Bass Fisherman
Profile and articles by Scott Suggs

Tournament Fishing Underway Again
Jim Shepherd discusses the start of the 2008 tournament season

Bass Tournament Fishing
You can win big in bass tournaments but it is a tough life

Early Times Whisky Reel In A Million Contest
Marko Trbovic fishes with Kevin Wirth for a million dollar bass

Spring Bass Patterns
One spring bass pattern has paid off for me for years here in Georgia

Information about the Bassmasters Classic
Everything to daily weigh-in live coverage to the history of the Classic to my personal experience is here.

BASS Masters Classic Report
If you like Bassmasters Classic history this list of the second day standings for the 2000 Bassmasters Classic will be interesting.

Bassmasters Classic Tournament
The Bassmasters Classic is still the most important tournament out there.

Alabama Spotted Bass
These Alabama spotted bass and other fish were caught by Darrin McCullar and friends

Christmas Bass Fishing
Catching bass while fishing at Christmas

World Record Bass Information
Articles about the world record bass, including pictures and a poll. Includes information about the possible new world record caught in California in March, 2006

Black Bass Species
There are 8 species of black bass in the US

Kenny Malone Caught A Big California Bass
Kenny sent in pictures and this discription of a 21.96 pound bass he caught.

Chartreuse Bass Baits - Why Do Bass Hit Chartreuse Baits
While watching bluegill in my pond I found out why bass hit chartreuse baits.

Brian Knippers' Bass Fishing Tips
Brian catches some nice bass. Here are some tips for fellow bass fishermen.

Tony Hill with some of the bass he and his partners have caught in north Georgia
Tony Hill with some of the bass he and his partners have caught in north Georgia.

Top Picks
Here are my picks of the best bass lures.

Pictures of Flint River Bass
These bass were caught on the Flint River in Georgia. Shoal and largemouth bass live in the river, one of the few places in the world where shoal bass live.

The Best Bad Night Fishing Trip Of All Time
Bad fishing luck turns good.

New World Record Largemouth?
Has a new world record largemouth bass been caught?

Photo gallery of bass pictures
Photo gallery of bass pictures

St. Johns River - River Journey Story 1
Hear the story from a bass fishing guide on the St. John's River.

Pictures and information about Pam Martin-Wells fishing at Lake Seminole
Pictures and information about Pam Martin-Wells fishing at Lake Seminole

IGFA Restores Fifty Year Old Smallmouth Bass Fishing Record
The International Game Fish Association hs reinstated the smallmouth record caught 50 years ago.

Noah Lynch's Big Vacation Bass
Noah Lynch caught this nice bass on his vacation

Massachusetts Largemouth Bass
Rich Chmiel catches a lot of big Massachusetts largemouth bass

Fishing Jackson Lake in December With Bobby Ferris
Bobby Ferris shows me how to catch bass at Jackson Lake in December.

Wormin' Ways For Bass Fishing
How to rig worms for bass fishing

Fishing Luck - Bad Fishing Luck or No Fishing Luck At All
A trip to Lake Martin involved a lot of bad luck but I did manage to catch some bass.

Cabela's Top Gun Championship Airs On Outdoor Life Network This Saturday
Cabela's Top Gun Championship Airs On Outdoor Life Network This Saturday

Top 10 Bass Lakes in Georgia
Here is my list of the top ten big lakes in Georgia for bass.

Buck Perry Dies on August 12, 2005
Buck Perry, father of structure bass fishing, died on August 12, 2005.

Indiana's Sisk Wins Weekend Warrior Championship
First Weekend Warrior Championship won by Marty Sisk

Kansas' Chapman Wins Inaugural Cabela's Top Gun Championship
Kansas' Brent Chapman won his first major title in bass fishing today by winning the inaugural Cabela's Top Gun Championship.

Cabela's Top Gun Championship
Innovative Weigh-In System Maximizes Fish Survival

25 of World's Best Head Into New Top Gun Championship
Twenty-five of the world's best professional bass fishermen will begin competing a week from today in the three-day inaugural Cabela's Top Gun Championship.

Scott and July Bass
Scott caught these bass on a jitterbug early one morning in July.

Bass Express
Online site for bass fishing - largemouth bass fishing articles, smallmouth bass fishing articles fishing tips, tournament updates, lake reports and more.

The Bassmasters Classic - Close Don't Count
The Bassmasters Classic is the top bass tournament

George Arnold and his son Jeremy wiht bass they caught
George Arnold and his son Jeremy caught some nice bass on a recent trip

Highland Tournament Trail Schedule
Highland Marina runs a tournament trail on West Point Lake in Georgia.


Hackney Is No. 1 Angler In World Going Into Forrest L. Wood Championship
Hackney Is No. 1 Angler In World Going Into Forrest L. Wood Championship

Early Times Kentucky Whisky Launches Tagged Fishing Contest
Consumers Can Enter to Win $50,000 If They Hook a Winning Bass

Bassfan.com State Farm World Rankings
Following are the updated State Farm World Rankings after last week's FLW Tour event on the Potomac River.

Assorted Bass Pictures
Here are a varitey of pictures of bass from this spring.

Fishing Lake Weiss with Kevin Dalmier
Kevin and I fished Lake Weiss and he showed me some great places to fish. He caught a nice 3 pounds spotted bass on one of them.

Bassfan.com Angler of the Year Race
Bassfan.com Angler of the Year Race information with a link to the full standings

Big Bass and Catfish
My first 8 pound bass won a fishing tournament, and a big catfish on a jug was a thrill

Fishing for Bedding Bass
In many states it is legal to fish for bedding bass. Is it ethical?

ROOKIE RACE UPDATE from bassfan.com

BassFan World Rankings
Rankings of the bass pros, from BassFan.com

Bass Fishing? Ask Dave
A site dedicated to bass, bass fishing, and bass fishermen

Where Are The Bass?
How to find bass on new fishing waters, by Roger Lee Brown, The Bass Coach

State Farm-BassFan.com World Rankings
State Farm-BassFan.com World Rankings

Hooks for Bass Fishing
What are the best hooks for bass fishing?

February Bass Tournament
I had fairly good luck at a February bass tournament, and had an unusual bite from a spotted bass.

Fishing Legend Tom Mann Dies
Tom Mann, fishing legend from Eufaula, Alabama and maker of Jelly Worms, the Little George and Hummingbird depthfinders, died on Friday, February 11, 2005.

BassFan.com Rookie of the Year Race
How do the bass rookies rate so far this year?

Jackson Lake Winter Bass Picture
I caught hit bass at Jackson on January 9, 2005

BassFan Launch of Big Bass Zone
Cutting-Edge Info for All Levels of Anglers

World Record Bass
The world record bass was caught near Jacksonville, GA. Here are some pictures of the signs there and info about the catch

Andrew Huang and Texas Bass
Andrew caught this nice Texas bass on his first cast at Grapevine Lake

Tony Hill and Big Carter's Lake Bass
Tony caught these big Carter's Lake bass in night tournaments.

Weekend Warrior Fishing Championship
BassFan, Skeeter Boats Announce Weekend Warrior Fishing Championship

Chickmauga Lake Bass
Tony Hill and his partner caught these bass to win a tournament at Chikmauga Lake.

Byron Velvick Bass Fishing Batchelor
Byron Velvick is the latest Batchelor on the TV series and he is a professional bass fisherman from Las Vegas

2004 North Woods Classic Bass Tournament
I managed a second place finish at the North Woods Classic this year. Here is the story and some pictures.

Stocking Bass In Lakes
Why don't state fisheries departments stock bass in public lakes?

State Farm-BassFan World Rankings - Final Standings
State Farm-BassFan World Rankings - Final Standings

Top Water Bass Fishing
How to catch bass on top, by Roger Lee Brown, The Bass Coach.

STATE FARM BassFan.com World Rankings
How the pros rank after the Bassmasters Classic

Eli Lowen's First Smallmouth Bass
Eli Lowen's caught his first smallmouth bass while fishing with his grandfather.

State Farm-BassFan World Rankings
State Farm-BassFan World Rankings

BassFan.com Rookie of the Year Race Standings
BassFan.com Rookie of the Year Race Standings

The Bassmasters Classic - Close Don't Count
I almost made it to the Classic many years ago - it is still one of my most cherished memories about tournament fishing.

Tom Perdue and West Point Bass
Tom caught this nice bass at West Point Lake in Georgia.

Mounted and Replica Bass
Should you mount your bass or get a replica made so you can let it go?

Fishing Wisconsin
Driving from Georgia to Wisconsin to fish a tournament is a long trip but a lot of fun every fall.

Can't Beleive He Ate The Whole Thing
A big bass was full of plastic worms when it was cut open to be mounted.

Tough Winter Fishing and Camping
A January bass tournament was tough fishing and the camping was a little cool!

Steven Minter's Maine Bass
Steven caught this bass on Lake Cobbosseecontee in Monmouth, Maine

2004 Southern Regional BASS Federation Tournament
The Southern Regional was a tough tournament for me, but I knew where the fish were and where it was won, thanks to Frank Harris.

Bitchin' Fishing Bass Fishing
Basic bass info and tips on catching them.

Good articles from Bass and Striper Fishing Magazine, pictures, recipes and more.

Bass Fishing in North Texas
Info on lakes, tournaments, guides and more in the North Texas area.

Farm 13/Stick Marsh 
Jim Porter says "Possibly the best bass and crappie angling in the World exists here."

Jim Porter Outdoor Adventures 
Excellent info from this outdoor writer and Florida bass guide

Bass Fishing USA
Articles, tips section, discussion group, several contests, and a free E-fishing game that participants can win free lures called the Lunker Pond.

Hoosier Open Tournaments
Team bass fishing trail, site includes schedules, rules, entry form, news and more.

Bass Identification
Identify the kind of bass you catch - keep a set of these cards handy.

Why Fish For Bass
Bass fishing is extremely popular - here are some reasons.

Shoal Bass
Some facts about this species of black bass.

Tournament Rules
All tournaments have rules - do you know what they are?

Forrest L. Woods Outdoors
The FLW group of tournaments including BFL, FLW Tour and Everstart tournaments.

Georgia Bass Federation Top Six
From despair to delight to disappointment in this tournament.

Georgia BASS Chapter Federation Top Six Tournament
My tale of the Georgia Bass Chapter Federation Y2K Top Six Tournament

Georgia BASS Federation Top Six Details
How I caught fish in the state tournament

Fishing Ledgebusters at Eufaula
Guide Jackie Thompson showed me how to fish deep at Lake Eufaula.

A New Sight Fishing Technique For Bass
Guide Allen Carter told me about a new way to catch cruising bass

The Bassmasters Classic - Close Don't Count
I almost made the Classic many years ago.

Jim's Bass Fisherman's Home Page.
From his favorite lures and tools to sites he likes.

Virtual Outdoorsman
Review of the simulation "Trophy Bass 4."

Bass fishing tips from pro bass fishermen, also discussion boards, fishing reports and more.

The BassChampions Tournament Trail - check out information about the group and the tournaments.

GOWA at Lake Seminole
Some nice bass were landed at Seminole during our conference.

The Bass Fishing Home Page
Fishing tips, lure and tackle info and fishing reports from your state.  You can even read and post ads for fishing equipment.

Bass Fishing: Chasing Bass, and Dreams, on Lake Lanier
From Dan Washburn, interesting account of a tournament fisherman

Bass Fishing in Mexico
Guided bass trips in Mexico

Bass Fishing With Kevin
Tips on everything from topwater tactics to lure selection

Bass Fishing with Zspook
Fishing the Columbia Basin Region of Washington State. Includes fishing photos, information on the local area, animated fish gifs, links and more.

BASS/Wrangler National Championship
How the five amateur bass club fishermen earned their way to the BASS Masters Classic

The Bass Guide
Download shareware that will help you select the best lure before your trip.

BASS Masters Classic Daily Results
Daily results posted here for the Classic. The most up-to-date info on the tournament. All the info for the 1998 tournament.

BASS Masters Tournament Results
Enter your email address on this form to get quick tournament standings and results.

Bass Man Reid's Page
A tournament angler discusses his experiences and offers tips. Read how he got the nickname "Spare Tire"

The Bass Guide
Keep a record of your catch but also help decide which lures to use - in advance!

Bass of the Month Page
Guide Bob Stonewater's client pictures of huge bass

Bass Pictures
If you like fish pics on the net, check out these from Bill Warman

Beat the Winter Time Blues
A nine pound bass is better than a trip to Disney World. by Tom Lee

Big Bass Alley
Bill Warman's site offering to sell tips on catching big bass, and predictions on which lake will produce the next world record.

Big Bass Video
How-to video on live bait fishing for bass

Cuba and Mexico Bass
Saving bass lakes south of the U.S. border, one opinion of how to protect bass fishing in other countries.

Dan Washburn's Sporting Life
Bass Fishing: Chasing bass, and dreams, on Lake Lanier with George Forrester

Fishing in the Ozarks
Tournament reports, bass clubs, classified ads and more.

Fishing Kentucky Lake
Good info on this huge impoundment with tips on how to catch its bass.

Read his poetry and check out the pictures, if you can chose the right button.

Jigging Spoons
Where to use spoons and tips on using them, from Bassresource.com.

Japanese "Surface-Bait" Anglers - English

Japanese "Surface-Bait" Anglers - Japanese
Japanese bass fishing site concentrating on top water fishing. Sites in both English and Japanese. Lure choices, methods and information.

Jim Crowley Promotions
Tournament bass fisherman offers articles, tips and tournament schedules.

Homer Circle Dies At Age 97
Homer Circle, well known outdoor writer, dies at 97 years old.

Kevin's Bass Fishing Page
Articles on bass fishing, includes topics such as spinnerbaits, power slugs, use of scents and more.

Mid-Summer Strategies
Bob Stonewater gives some tips to beat the heat and catch big bass.

Mexico Fishing
Outdoor Connection offers bass fishing trips to Mexico. Read all about the dream of a lifetime, and then set up a a trip!

Night Fishing At Lake Lanier
With Dan Washburn

On the Water with Dwayne E. Cooper
Favorite lakes, baits, pictures and more.

Smallmouth Bass Identification and Description
From fishingpal.com, also includes places to find them, habitat, eating quality and ways to catch them.

Tennessee Angler
Tennessee bass fishing hot spots.

Texas Bass Fishing
Everything you ever wanted to know about fishing in the Lone Star State

Trophy Bass Fishing in Georgia
Woods-N-Water offers guided bass trips in Georgia for $150 per day from Feb - Oct.

Tube Jig Tips
How to rig and fish tube jigs, from The Ultimate Bass Fishing Resources Guide

Lake Lanier Spotted Bass
Ryan Coleman caught this spotted bass at Lake Lanier

Jig and Pig Fishing
Fishing a jig and pig.

Arizona's Premier Fishing Guide Service and Outfitter
Guided bass fishing trips on the majestic desert lakes surrounding Phoenix and Scottsdale, such as Lake Pleasant, Saguaro, Canyon, and Bartlett. We also offer guided fly fishing tours for Rainbow, Brown, and Apache trout to the gorgeous lakes and streams of Sedona, the Mogollan Rim, and the White Mountains.

Early Times Reel In A Million Fishing Contest
Early Times Whisky Reel In A Million Fishing Contest

Bass Fishing In Cold Water
You can catch bass in cold water.

Falcon Lake Fishing - Dangerous Falcon Lake
Would you fish Falcon Lake?

Catching Winter Bass In Sandy Pockets
A sand pocket pattern for winter bass

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