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How To Tune A Crankbait


Many crankbaits run right the first time you cast them, but others do not. And some crankbaits get messed up after using them. Here are some tips to make your crankbait run right.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 5 minutes

Here's How:

  1. If your crankbait runs to one side or the other, check the hook hangers. If the belly hanger or tail hanger is bent to either side, straighten it out. If the split ring is bent or jammed, replace it.
  2. If the bait still runs to one side, use a pair of needle nose pliers and bend the line tie eye toward the side it is running to. Bend it very slightly with light pressure and then test it. It usually does not take much to correct this problem.
  3. Look for damage to the bill of the crankbait. If it is damaged on either side, you may be able to take a file and even out the sides of the lip and make it run correctly.
  4. Straighten any bent hooks and replace any broken hooks. This will make the crankbait run better and increase you hooking ability with the bait.
  5. If the crankbait does not have a split ring to tie your line to, add one or use a clip between your line and the tie. This will allow the crankbait to move freely, run better and have better action.
  6. You can touch up any damaged paint with fingernail polish. On wooden baits always seal damage to the finish with clear or colored fingernail polish to protect the wood and keep water out.
  7. Add a touch of red fingernail polish near the head of the lure, making a slash like a gill. This may make the bait more attractive to fish and give them a target near the head of the bait, inproving hookups.


  1. Make changes slowly and test before making more changes.

What You Need

  • needle nose pliers
  • split rings

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