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Winter Fishing Information

Fishing In Cold Weather


Winter fishing can vary from huddling in a ice shanty looking at a small hole to casting from a bass boat dressed in shorts and tee shirts. Where I live in Georgia winters are relatively mild with no water hard on top. Water temperatures in my area vary from the low 50s to the high 30s most winters and I fish year round.

I may have been one of the first people in Georgia to buy a snowmobile suit. I knew back in the early 1970s I wanted to fish year round so I found a way to be comfortable no matter what the weather throws at me.

The following tips work well in my area - adapt them to where you live and fish.

Winter Fishing Weather

Winter Weather Fishing Wear
Dress right and you can stay comfortable for winter fishing.

Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing - Why Go Ice Fishing
Ice fishing is something I want to try! Our water never gets hard on top here in middle Georgia, so I never get a chance to go. Reading about it makes me want to try. See ice fishing pictures below in Winter Fishing Pictures.

Ice Fishing
Information about fishing when the water gets hard on top, from choosing a shack to what bait to use and where to go. Also, saftey tips.

Ice Fishing Warmer Than Expected
Preparing for my first ice-fishing expedition - a February trip to a frozen Minnesota lake - read through the advice offered by the U.S. Army Cold Regions

Winter Fishing Tips

Winter Fishing Memories
These ways I have caught fish in the winter may help you.

Winter Crappie
Catching winter crappie at Clark's Hill - this technique may work for you.

Inactive Winter Bass - How Cold Is Too Cold?
Cold water slows down bass activity. How cold will they still be active?

Winter Bass Patterns
Bass are hard to catch while fishing in the winter. Here are some reasons why bass fishing is tough, and some tactics that work to catch bass.

Tough Winter Fishing and Camping
A January tournament was tough bass fishing and the camping was almost a problem, too.

Proving My Point - Inactive Winter Bass
Two at Jackson and one at Bartlett's Ferry demonstrated the difficulty of catching bass in icewater. ...

Winter Fishing At Jackson Lake
Anthony Shy took me to Jackson Lake and had a good catch.

Winter Jerkbait Fishing
Catching fish at Lake of the Ozarks on Jerkbaits

Crappie Fishing At Christmas
Crappie Fishing In The Winter

Christmas Fishing Memories
Most people thought fish did not bite during the winter! Christmas 1976 was typical of my winter trips until then. But in 1977 I found out how productive winter fishing can be.

Cold Water Fishing
Some of the ways that have worked for me in the past should work for you this winter. I learned to fish a jig and pig one Thanksgiving at Clark's Hill.

Cold Water Bass Fishing
Bass like to move vertically in a short distance during the winter so bluff ... Bass tend to hold deep in the winter, so look for the ends of long points,

Sauger - The Toothy Critter of the South
The fall and winter in southern middle Tennessee bring about a metamorphic change in the animal world.

How To Fish Jigging Spoons
This is how I caught the bass 57 feet deep a few winters ago. Maybe some of the ways I have caught fish in cold water will help you this winter.

Lucky Craft Pointer 100 - Fishing Product Review
On the other hand, if you are an avid winter tournament fisherman, ... If you're fishing a winter tournament on clear lakes such as the Lake of the Ozarks

Christmas Fishing - Holiday Hybrids
The most popular way to catch winter hybrids is to fish the birds. ... Catch some hybrids this winter. They will stretch your string and make tasty eating

You Say Croppie, I'll Say Crappie
I discovered fishing for them during the winter by accident. ... Crappie fishing can be great in the winter. Catch a mess of fine eating fish right now

Where To Fish a Jig and Pig
A jig and pig is a great bait for big bass, especially in the winter, ... Maybe some of the ways I have caught fish in cold water will help you this winter

Cool Striped Bass
Great summer striper fishing info from the Alabama DNR.

Winter Fishing Pictures

Jackson Lake Winter Bass Picture
Winter Bass. I caught this 5.68 pound bass at Jackson on a crankbai t. ... Winter Bass. I landed this 5.68 pound largemouth in a Flint River Bass Club

Winter Georgia Bass
A winter trip a couple of days ago to Jackson Lake producted these two bass for me. One was a spot, one was a largemouth.

Winter Steelhead Fishing Scenes - Snow and Fishermen!
Mike Hilf sent these winter fishing scenes - beautiful but cold!

Jackson Lake Winter Bass Picture
I got a good bass at Jackson in my tournament but it was second biggest for the day!

Big Bluegill With Winter Colors
Javin caught this pretty bluegill in my pond in the winter.

Lady Angler With Lake Conroe Winter Catfish
This lady angler caught a nice winter catfish at Lake Conroe.

Ronnie Garrison With Winter Bluegill
I caught this bluegill while fishing in my pond with Javin in the winter.

Northern Strain Winter Largemouth
Warren Wolk caught this huge jersey largemouth in February. Picture and link to his story

Fish Egg Development In Winter
These eggs in a spotted bass caught in early January in central Georgia are well developed, four months before they will be spawned. See the article on winter fish egg development below under Winter Fishing Oddities.

Ice Fishing Pictures
These pictures make me cold just looking at them.

Winter Fishing Oddities

Incredible Fishing Story - Minnow Survives Winter
How did this ninnow survive winter - an incredible story.

Fish Egg Development In Winter
Did you ever wonder why fish caught in late fall or the winter have well developed eggs?

Low Water Scouting For Fishing
Getting on the water in the late fall and winter is fun as well as informative! It was the same winter the lake was 18 feet low, and the tree stood in deep water.

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