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Using GPS To Catch More Fish

Using GPS For Fishing


The GPS has come a long way. My Lowrance HD units are amazing with the detail the maps give and the ability to see things under water. You can use the GPS map to find structure then locate key cover on it with the depthfinder.

Fishermen use GPS to keep up with key spots and it is a great way to share information. I do magazine articles each month for Alabama Outdoor News and Georgia Outdoor News where we take a lake, talk about the patterns bass are on that month and where and how to catch them. Ten spots, with GPS coordinates, are put on a map. Fishermen seem to love that.

You can get relatively inexpensive hand-held GPS units that are amazingly accurate. My first was a Lowrance unit that cost less than $200 and it was about ten years ago. Linda took me to Antarctica on a cruise and I turned the unit on while we were off an island near the Antarctic peninsular. The island and peninsular showed up on the unit!

Try a GPS - I think you will like it.

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