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Staying Warm While Fishing

Fishing In Cold Weather


You can enjoy fishing no matter how cold it gets if you are prepared for it. If you are not ready for cold weather, you will be miserable trying to fish when it is cold.

I have fished comfortably in temperatures as low as 11 degrees F and with a strong wind blowing, about as cold as it gets here in Georgia. Here is how I stay warm.

Dress in layers.

  • Start with comfortable underwear and tee shirt and thin socks that will wick away moisture.

  • Next wear insulated underwear - longjohns - that fit comfortably. I like a top with a turtle neck.

  • Put wool socks over your thin socks. They need to be thick but not so thick they make your boots too tight.

  • Wear wool pants and a wool shirt. Wool keeps its insulating value even when wet and the underwear will keep it from direct contact with your skin.

  • Top everything with a snowmobile suit, bibs and coat or foul weather suit like Cabella' Guidewear, Bass Pro Shops Pro Qualifier or similar suits.

  • Wear insulated boots with Gore-Tex water proofing. Make sure they are big enough to fit comfortably over your socks and not be too tight.

  • Put on a hard hat liner or a ski mask. I like the hard hat liner since it covers my neck, ears, head and I can cover my mouth, but it does not get moist from breathing since it does not cover my nose.

  • Wear a cap to shade your eyes from the sun. You can get one big enough to go over your liner.

  • Pull up your hood from your suit and tie it under your neck.

  • Put on a life jacket. If you fall in with all these clothes on, you will drown. Wear a regular life jacket or a instant inflatable one like the SoSpenders.

  • I have never been able to fish while wearing gloves so my hands do get cold, but I carry insulated gloves to wear while riding in the boat.

  • Get some of the chemical hand warmers and put them in your pockets. You can quickly warm your hands with them and they will keep you warm. Put a few in inside pockets on very cold days.

  • I have a Coleman propane camp heater that has an electronic start button. Turn it on to warm your hands. It is fairly safe since it is a self contained unit, just be sure to turn it off before riding if you are in a boat.

Many people stop fishing during the winter. I fish 12 months each year, and both bass clubs I am in have tournaments every month of the year. It may get too severe where you live to make the above possible, but most of us can go out and fish some during the winter.

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