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Sixth Sense for Catching Fish

Inate Ability Catching Fish


Pro bass fisherman Guido Hibdon as been quoted as saying: "If you have a gut feeling, act on it. Don't think about it. Just do it."

All good fishermen get those feelings that pay off. You just know if you cast a worm by that rock you are going to get bit. Or you know if you go to a certain cove, the bass will be there. For most of us, it doesn't happen all the time, but it happens. It is a great feeling.

I think the better fishermen have a sixth sense that helps them know what to do. The experience, time on the water and concentration all help, and that is part of it. Sometimes it all comes together and works to put the fisherman on fish. But there is more.

Any fisherman can learn to be good and catch bass, walleye or other fish regularly. Spending time studying the quarry, learning about them and their habits, then fishing and paying attention will help you be consistent. But the huge majority of those fisherman will never be able to advance to the pro ranks.

Why? Just like anyone can learn to play the piano, just a tiny percentage will ever be great concert pianists. Just like anyone can learn to play football, and many can play it adequately, very few will ever be good enough to play in the super bowl. I think the same thing applies to fishing.

There is some sixth sense that gives the great fishermen the ability to locate and catch fish. Some people have it but never exploit it. Those are the guys that are "lucky." You take them fishing and they beat you, time after time. They have an innate ability to catch fish. They will beat you consistently, but they do not take the time to learn everything they can and spend the time fishing necessary to become really good at it.

That can be frustrating. It is to me. I know I will never be that good a fisherman. I enjoy club fishing, and am fairly good at it, but I will never be on the level of the pros. I can still enjoy fishing, even tournament fishing, at a level I can compete, knowing I will never be a pro fisherman. It is still fun!

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