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Invisible and colors of fishing lines

Use Invisible or Colored Line


Next is “Fluorocarbons”. This line is made from polymer of fluorine bonded to carbon. This super line has several advantages over the others. This line comes the closest to the refractive index of water so it is virtually invisible under water. The invisibility is needed in clear waters. One thing I have found is that the suns ultraviolet rays do not affect this line, and it will last longer, saving you money. This line has ultra low stretch and your hook sets are positive. This line doesn’t float and allows your lures or bait to fall faster and deeper quicker. This line doesn’t absorb water like monofilaments and this makes it much stronger.

Next I’ll talk about “Colors”. If you are fishing in dark, or muddy, or stained waters a Brown colored line is best. Moss Green, is best suited for waters with heavy weeds and other vegetation. Clear Blue Florescent, is great when the sun is out and you need to see your line above the surface, whether it is trolling, casting, or just retrieving. It is almost invisible under water. High Visibility Gold, this color is easier to see and when a fish strikes is easier to tell, it is also best if you are trolling several lines at once as it is much easier to see. Low Visibility, this line tends to blend into most waters. It is great for fishing in areas that receive heavy pressure or areas whether fish spook easily. Low Visibility Clear, This is best suited for clear water, whether it is a stream or a lake. This line works great in ultra clear water situations.

I know I have not told you what type of line or brand I use as I do not want to try to tell you that what I use will be the right line for you. I do not want to try to sell a particular brand or type to you. You have to decide using the information I provided to you. You will be able to do this easily.

One last thing while I’m on this subject. When you buy your line. Buy from a store that does high volume sales of fishing line. Line gets OLD quickly, and light and heat weaken the properties quickly, so you want Fresh line as fresh as you can get it. If you have noticed on any given line package it WILL NOT have a BORN ON DATE or an EXPERATION DATE ! You need to go to a store that sells a lot of line, and this applies to Bulk spools as well. Now I believe you have enough information to select the right line for what ever type of fishing you plan to do.

One last thing I want to tell you folks about is how they test these lines. I think you’ll be surprised how we rely on the manufactures integrity when it comes to testing these products. One thing I have found is that EVERY line manufacture is supposed to use the same method of testing set up by the International Game Fish Association or IGFA. There is no guarantee this is done, as each line manufacture boasts there own findings compared to other manufactures lines.

Here is how it is done. They check Breaking Strength. They do this by using a machine that Berkley developed to measure line breakage. To test a line sample you must first wind one end around a small disc on the measuring end of the machine, and clip it in place, “there are no knots used to secure the lines to get a more accurate reading”. You then connect the other end of the line in the same manner to a larger disc at the other end of the machine. When each test begins, the larger wheel rotates at a constant speed until the line snaps. The final poundage is displayed on the measuring device. Each spool of line is supposed to be tested three times to get an average.

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