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How To: Fish A Carolina Rig

Fishing a Carolina Rig


Picture of a Carolina Rig

This picture shows the Caroliana rig

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Carolina rigs took the fishing world by storm a few years ago when some tournaments were won on them. I first started fishing this type rig in the early 1970's, calling it either a split shot rig or a swivel worm rig. Carolina rigs should be part of any fisherman's arsenal now.

A Carolina rig separates the hook and worm from the lead with a leader. To tie one, you slip a lead on your line, follow it with a bead and then tie on a barrel swivel. A leader of varying length is tied to the swivel and a hook tied to the leader. Hook size varies with the size of the bait you plan to use.

Depending on conditions, the lead can vary from 1/8 to 1 ounce and the leader can be from a few inches long to six feet or more. Standard rigs consist of a half ounce sinker and a two foot leader. Generally, the clearer the water the longer the leader, and a heavier lead is needed for the longer leaders. Also, the deeper the water the bigger the lead, and longer leaders are usually used in deeper water, too.

One of the best places to fish a Carolina rig is on long gravel points. Fish gather on them in both pre spawn and post spawn times, and they can be very scattered. A Carolina rig can locate them by allowing you to make long casts and cover lots of water quickly.

Brush piles are also goo places to fish Carolina rigs. Work the lead to the brush pile and stop it. The worm or lizard will slowly fall and often draw the bass out. If that does not work, pull the lead over the brush and let it fall to the bottom. Then stop it. The following worm will sink slowly and is often more than the bass can stand.

Also try the above with a floating worm. Imagine the worm floating up off the bottom rather than settling to it. That will drive a bass wild.

Try a Carolina rig. You can fish it in many different ways and in different kinds of structures.

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