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Monofilament Fishing Line VS Braided Fishing Lines

Is Mono Fishing Line Better Than Braided Fishing Line?


Fritz and Iowa Bass on Monofilament Line

Fritz Caught These Iowa Bass While Fishing With Monofilament Line

2006 Fritz Nordengren Licensed To About.com
by Fritz Nordengren

Maybe you remember, I spooled up more of my reels with mono last fall-- some with P line FloroClear and some with Yozuri hybrid clear - 8 pound test.

The only thing I use superlines on are my spinner bait rod, and I have a worm rod with a spool I use for cutting through thick weeds.

Maybe it's cuz the bass have grown, or maybe I'm a better fisherman......but I am certain my numbers of bass and sizes of bass are both bigger. Last year and the year before, I remember catching lots of 13 - 15 inch bass weighing in 1.5 - 1.75.

This year, I'm typically catching 2 - 4 pounders on each trip -- in lots of different lakes -- lots of different conditions. Yeah, I'm still catching smaller ones, too, but I'm beginning to think the line has *something* to do with it.

The attached photo is two of the dozen or so I caught at a small 50 acre lake in Wisconsin over the last two days. My brother in law had a farm with this lake in the back yard...... not monsters --

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