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Record Your Fishing Catch

Keep Up With the Fish You Catch


I am holding a bass Captain Mike Gerry caught when I was fishing with him on Guntersville.

I am holding a bass Captain Mike Gerry caught when I was fishing with him on Guntersville.

2009 Ronnie Garrison, licensed to About.com
Keeping a record of your fishing catch is fun. I have always kept up with the bass I caught, logging them in and studying the logs to help me catch more. During the past few years software has been developed to help you do this and use the information better.

Good software not only gives you a way to keep a record of your catch, it allows you to look for patterns that may help you know what to do when you get to the lake. Some actually predict what you should use based on conditions you give it.

BLS Outdoors offeres several software packages for anglers. A tournament management program helps track of all aspects of it for you, from standings to number of competitors. The Fish Tracking System is a very good log that allows you to track your catch and learn from it. SkyCalc allows you to track solar and lunar times through you computer.

Keeping up with you catch is fun and can be a valuable took in learning about fishing. Although much of the software is for bass, it can be adapted for other species. And there probably is some developed specifically for other game fish.

Start recording your catch. Do a web page about it like Levi and his dad do. Track the fish you catch and enjoy the memories year after year.

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