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How To Catch More Fish

Some Tips To Help You Catch More Fish


Flint River Longnose Gar

55" Flint River Longnose Gar caught by Joel Pasch on 8-17-07 using white nylon rope Photographer: George Danner

2008 George Danner licensed to About.com
There are some basic things to do if you want to catch more fish. No matter what kind of freshwater fish you are after, from bass to walleye, there are things they all do and relate to. If you know them and pay attention, you can catch more fish.

Don't Miss A Chance To Go Fishing

If you stay at home you won't catch fish. Get on the water even if conditions are not perfect. After all, a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work - or anything else. You will catch more fish if you go fishing more. You have more chances, and the more you fish the more you learn about fishing.

Baitfish Equals Bass

This old saying applies to all kinds of fish. Find what they eat and where the food is and you will find the fish. Schools of shad attract bass. Mayfly hatches attract bream, and the bream attract bass. Schools of minnows and areas that hold leeches will have walleye nearby. A midge hatch attracts trout.

Find the food the fish are eating and where it is located and fish nearby. Use a bait that matches what they are eating. Fly fishermen call it "Matching the Hatch" when they use a fly that resembles what the trout are eating. Do the same no matter what kind of fish you want to catch.

Don't Get Stuck In A Rut

Too many fishermen go after one species and fish the same places, the same way, every trip. Fish change patterns often, sometimes several times in one day. Try different things until you figure out what they are doing. Like casting to shallow cover for bass? Try fishing the ends of points and humps instead, especially if they just don't seem to be shallow. Think all bluegill are around grassbeds? You might be surprised that they often school in deep water.

Every body of water has a lot of types of cover and structure fish like. think about boat docks, grass beds, stumps, points, humps, drops, standing timber and trees in the water. And some fish suspend over open water so don't leave anything out in your quest.

Fish For Whats Biting

If you can't catch walleye, try crappie. Something is always biting. Rig up some light tackle and use live bait for bluegill. They are one of the most consistent fish in any body of water and are fun to catch and good to eat, too. Ask at local marinas and bait stores to see if people are catching some kind of fish then try them.

Don't forget what some people call trash fish. Catfish are fun and can be caught most days, and are delicious. Freshwater drum get big and many people like eating them. Even gar can be caught with the right equipment and you can clean and eat them. Don't limit yourself.

Think about these possibilities when you go fishing. If you just want to go fishing, no problem, but if you would rather catch fish, you may be able to make adjustments and catch something.

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