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Facts About Fish and Fishing - Freshwater Fishing - About.com
There are a lot of interesting facts about fish and fishing that can help you catch more. These facts are fun to read as wellas being interesting and helpful.
Yellow Perch Freshwater Fishing Fact Sheet
Brian Knippers caught this white perch in a snow storm. When those low pressure systems roll through the fish always become active. Later my buddy Ryan and ...
Fish Fact Sheets - Freshwater Fishing - About.com
Information about different kinds of fish species are contained in these fish fact sheets, including record weight, where they live and spawn and other information .
Freshwater Drum Fish - Facts and Tips
Freshwater Drum are so widespread you are likely to catch one while fishing for some other kind of fish. Don't complain, just enjoy the fight.
Flathead Catfish - Freshwater Fishing Facts
Learn about the Flathead Catfish (Pylodictis olivaris), one of the biggest catfish species and a great sport fish that can put up a great fight.
Walleye - Walleye Fact Sheet - Freshwater Fishing - About.com
are a favorite fish of anglers and many say they are the best tasting fish in freshwater. Walleye ( picture ) are not the hardest fighting freshwater fish but they are ...
Muskie Facts - Freshwater Fishing - About.com
They mainly prey on smaller fish, from suckers to pike, with bluegill a favorite. They have been known to eat small ducks asnd snakes, frogs, crayfish, rats and ...
Fishing Line: Facts About Abrasion Resistance - Freshwater Fishing
Fishing Line: Facts About Abrasion Resistance. Abrasion Resistance is an Important Line Attribute, But Hard to Measure. By Ken Schultz. Freshwater Fishing ...
Great Snakehead Fish Fact Sheet - Freshwater Fishing - About.com
Fact sheet on the Great Snakehead. ... Please visit my new site at http://fishing- about.com - Don't forget the hyphen! Great Snakehead Fish (Channa ...
Freshwater Fishing: Information, Tips, and Techniques
... and articles. Get tips, techniques and instructions, and learn how to catch more fish and where to catch them. ... Fishing Line: Facts About Abrasion Resistance.
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