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Fishing News - 1/2/04

Bottom Line® Tournament 480 MAX
Huge Screen Displays 13,741 Pixels Per Square Inch

See Picture of the T 480

Anglers selecting their next fishfinder follow a carefully choreographed ritual of price bargaining, brand name recognition and specification comparison. The new Bottom Line Tournament 480 MAX exceeds every element of this critical analytical process. The price is unbeatable, the features almost too good to be true and Bottom Line¹s reputation for quality

The huge 5.6-inch diagonal screen measures 4.05 inches (480 pixels) by 4.14 inches (480 pixels). That equates to over 13,700 pixels per square inch giving the angler the clearest picture possible of the waters below. The 480 MAX fits conveniently anywhere on the boat. With the mounting kit, the Tournament 480 MAX can be installed in the console for that factory look. Surface water temperature, boat speed (optional) and water depth are digitally displayed.

Full screen updates on the Tournament 480 MAX are immediate with screen redraws shown as they happen, not as they were a few seconds or a minute ago. And nighttime reading is illuminated with Bottom Line¹s back-lighting. The 16 levels of grey-scale provide superb screen clarity, even in direct sunlight.

Standard features on the Tournament 480 MAX include six function keys, split screen capability for zoom and bottom track, large status display numbers for easy reading even with the boat under power, battery voltage meter and automatic operation. Also standard are adjustable night light, built-in simulator, automatic gain control, audible fish alarm and much more. Fish located on the multi-level Fish D¹Tect are identified for depth. The Tournament 480 MAX, like all Bottom Line products, carries a one-year full warranty and limited lifetime service policy.

Bottom Line, the technological leader in sonars, is a product by Computrol, Inc. of Meridian, Idaho. For more information contact Computrol Marine Electronics Division at 499 East Corporate Drive, Meridian, Idaho 83642 (208) 846-9000 or visit the Internet at www.bottomlinefishfinders.com.

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