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Fishing News - 8/3/01
Lake Weiss Fishing Report

DATE: 8-3-01
SURFACE TEMP: 88-89 am - 92-94 pm
WATER CLARITY: Good except for the Chatooga which is slightly stained

CRAPPIE: Can take a few off deep brush piles but with the temp. holding around 95*F it is not worth your effort.  Night fishing is fair using minnows under the lights. Watch your depth finder for the depth of the fish and try to fish a foot or two above them.  Crappie will not go down for bait.  Best place to night fish is Cowan Creek bridge,  Spring Creek bridge and the big bridge in Cedar Bluff, also the big bridge in Leesburg unless they are generating. Remember that Weiss Lake has ZERO tolerance for alcohol.  You will not look good with a yellow stripe down your pant legs.

STRIPE: Found some stripe in the mouth of the cut in Powerhouse on the first rocky point you come to and only when they are generating. Made the trip up the Chatooga and found a ton of fish.  But, the only way you can get up there is in a SMALL SMALL John Boat with a SMALL SMALL Motor and even then you need to be awful careful.  I did not have any live bait. I was throwing red-fins. Tried several colors and gold and black seemed to be the on they wanted the most.  But it is dangerous to go up there. Could be hazardous to your motors health.  When you are old and have a bad back, sitting on a piece of aluminum with no back rest does not get it.

BASS: Little taste of bass fishing early and a little late and other than that you are done.  Carolina rig seems to work best.Usual hang outs, humps, drops and river channel edges.  Night fishing (dusk till dawn) doing a little better. The best places seem to be the shallow water close to deep drop offs.  Purple worms, black worms, and the smaller the better. A little bit of top water activity using something with a little noise to it.

WHITE BASS: White Bass are doing fair up the Chatooga above Cornwall Furnace.  Rooster tails still your best bet.  White and chartreuse.  A FEW are surfacing in the mouth of Spring Creek. A FEW showing up around the Hawgs Den in the flats just off the river channel.

BREAM: On vacation until September the 15th along with the crappie!

CATFISH: Catfish still strong at night. Jug fishermen and trot line fishermen doing well.

I am going to try to find out the best way to catch carp. YEP I said carp! All the lakes are loaded with them and nobody eats them and they bring havoc on fish beds.  And, they are a blast to catch when they get up to 20-25 lbs. I can imagine a 10 year old with a 25 lb fish on.  Might be fun for the family even if you do not have a boat.  Anybody that has any thoughts on the subject give me an email, I could use the help.

Sincerely, Steve & Cheryl, Butch & Harry 

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