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Fishing News - 10/5/00

Lake Weiss Fishing Report

  • DATE: 10-4-00
    LAKE LEVEL: 559.4
    NORMAL LEVEL: 564.0

    CRAPPIE: Crappie fishing is tough all over.  A few people have had some
    good catches but they are few and far between.  Not a normal fall for us
    at all.  However, forecast is for a cold front to move through in the next
    couple of days and is also supposed to bring with it some much needed
    rain.  This cooler weather and rain could rapidly change things for the

    BASS: Bass fishing is still fair.  They continue to be shallow.  Carolina
    rig and small Rat'l traps still doing good.

    CATFISH: Catfishing remains good at night on trot lines or jugs using
    cut bait.

    BREAM: Bream are starting to collect around the docks in large
    numbers.  Quantity's are great but quality is not.  Weiss does not have
    large bream.

    STRIPE: Stripe fishing has turned back on and is doing great.  Large
    numbers are being caught again.  Still being caught on live shad on the
    old channel edges, humps and drops.

    As always do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any help whether
    you need a guide or not.  Always glad to lend a hand.

    **AGAIN** PLEASE use caution on Weiss as the water level remains
    low.  Watch for the channel markers and use caution when you leave the
    channel.  Take it easy and you will have no problems.

    As usual if I can be of any help don't hesitate to "holler".  But, before
    you "holler", please look at the whole site as we have a lot of info
    that may be of interest to you. www.lakeweissguideservice.com

    This fishing report brought to you by Steve & Cheryl @ Lake Weiss Guide
    Service. 256-927-6617.
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