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By : Ralph J. Kriho

I received the 1/4 ounce Johnson Weed less Silver Spoon on Saturday and the US postal service obliged by not canceling the stamp.

On Monday, October 13 (Columbus Day) we experienced a warm and windy gorgeous autumn day (the kind that you Georgians will probably experience in December).  I kissed my lovely wife of 47 years a fond adieu as she left for work and tried to determine which of two nearby Cook County Forest Preserve weed choked sloughs would be honored with the maiden voyage of my highly prized contest winning JSW spoon.

I chose BullFrog "lake" just west of Maple Lake .  After unpacking enough equipment for a two week stay, I was amazed to see that the powers that be had cleaned up the weeds that were choking the shoreline.  I talked briefly with a wizened fisherman who was leaving the spot near the over flow discharge that I had been told attracted crappie.  He said that he was fishing for bass with a Mepps spinner (about size 3 or 4) and the fishing had been terrible for the last month or so, according to him.

I proceeded to cast with a rusty, trusty Beetle Spin and got a solid hit.  I didn't land the fish, but clearly saw that it was a very silver, shiny fish and figured that it was either a crappie or a bass.

God was good to me because I had brought the remainder of the night crawlers that I had bought at the ubiquitous Wal-Mart.  If I had more crawlers, I would have probably stayed all night.

My total catch (and release) for 3 hours of fishing was 8 bass between 1 1/4 and 2 1/2 lbs.  One of them was a small mouth and 7 were large mouth bass.  All were caught on whole or halves of conditioned crawlers using a 1/4 ounce Water Gremlin egg type sinker with an easy on/off plastic top (They're the best in my humble opinion.)  I was using a snelled number 8 red hook from Eagle Claw and caught every one of those little beauties in the lips.

Also caught 3 pan fish (2 bluegill (brim?) and a beautiful sun fish.

The virginal Johnson Spoon will have to wait for another day and hopeful another success story.

I know you have got much bigger prey in Georgia, but these Cook County Forest Preserve Lakes get a tremendous amount of fishing pressure

Thanks again for the lure.

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