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Rigging a Crappie Fishing Boat
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"I am trying to learn how to effectively troll for crappie and I guess the first thing I need to know is how to rig my boat.  Suggestions please.  Thanks."
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By Terry King

I have a 14ft. Glassmaster boat rigged for crappie trolling. This boat is older and I was not as concerned about protecting the "looks" of the boat. As a matter of fact, after I set this old boat up for trolling it now looks great and is a crappie catching machine. 

Since there is so much

metal attached to this boat it has since been dubbed the name, "The Machine." Here is the way I rigged my boat for trolling.

First, I bought four pieces of angle iron, 3/8 inch threaded, lock nuts (four per piece of threaded rod), a flat piece of metal to stretch between the sides of the boat, 16 lil pro driftmaster rod holders, and 5 45 degree angle rod holders (driftmaster). 

Second, I cut all the the angle iron and drilled 6 3/8 inch holes in each piece. I attached them to the boat side with the threaded rod and 8 lock nuts. Then I added four rod holders to each. 

Third, I attached the flat piece of metal across the back

of the boat with five rod holders. This allows me to fish 8 poles on either side of my front seat. 8 poles in the middle of the boat. 5 poles from the back (45 degrees).

Most fishermen generally ask, "How do you keep the lines from tangling?" Generally because I run BnM's 12ft, 10ft, 8ft, and a local 4ft pole in all the holders. I tell them to try it you will be surprised.

On occasion you will get a fish that doesnt want to go on a boat ride and runs the lines but for god sakes break those jigs off and re tie. It saves lots of down time! This is a rare occasion but with any trolling set up tangling will happen but not often. Wide turns is the key. 

I also have a rod holder that I specifically designed to transport 16 rods. It is made of metal also and removable for quick loading and unloading. Seldom mentioned is the transport of your rods. Serious trollers with a set up like this must have a good rod transporting and seperation system or you will spend lots of valuable time untangling lines and lures.

I understand alot of trollers have 20 to 30 thousand dollar boats and do not want to "drill holes" in their boats. But, use your imagination and you can figure out how to attach this same set up to your boat without scratching the surface. Total cost of this set up is around $250 and can be made in stages to fit your budget.

The crappiest set up yet!

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