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Tennessee Handle on a Fishing Rod

I posted some information about a new Castaway rod I bought and mentioned it had a Tennessee handle. Several people asked me what that was. The pictures below show my Castaway rod with the reel attached.

A Tennessee handle is a handle on a spinning rod with a straight cork or fiberglass composition. It has no way to attach the reel, you tape the reel to the rod. I use black electrician's tape but you can use other kinds. Just remember to use a tape that will not get gummy when it gets hot!

The benefits of this type handle are many.  It allows you to hold the rod with a smooth surface under your hand, with no metal or plastic lumps or hard places to cut you or freeze you in cold weather.  It is also lighter than most kinds of reel attachments.

I have been using reels like this for many years and really like them. Check out Tennessee handles on your next fishing rod.

Picture from Ronnie Garrison

Picture from Ronnie Garrison

picture from Ronnie Garrison

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