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   My First Smallmouth - and others from the Wisconsin trip

    Part 2 - Crab Lake - Weekend X Up North

    A Crab Lake smallmouth that hit a tube - the first one I caught there.  We were just running the bank casting to the drop where the shelf off the bank ran out and dropped off.  There were often rocks along it.  The flat from the bank in lots of areas on this lake ran out 3 to 6 feet deep then dropped to about 12 feet.

    photo by Fritz

    This nice Crab Lake smallmouth grabbed a 4 inch Dead Ringer on a drop shot rig.  I  had cast this out and was dragging it behind the boat as we went down the bank.  Notice the nice house in the backgound - Fritz wants to buy it!

    photo by Fritz

    This Crab Lake smallie ran out from under a log and hit a 4 inch worm on a slider head.  I saw it come out and hit in the clear water but did not realize how big it was until it  jumped!  I hooked this bass just after supper one night. Before we left to go eat, Fritz had broken off a nice smallmouth.  This one jumped and I told Fritz it was his bass.  He did not believe me until I showed him the hook still in its throat!  It was about 50 yards down the bank from were he lost it!

    photo by Fritz

    This smallmouth bass hit a 4 inch worm on a slider jig the last morning we fished.  It was the best one I caught that morning - about 16 inches long.  Notice the rainsuit.  I wore it most days to keep the dew on the boat off my pants  and also to keep the wind out - it was cool every morning!

    photo by Fritz

    More Smallmouth pictures - ROFB NWC - including my first!

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