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Fishing News - 7/21/00

        BASS Masters Classic Report - Notes and Quotes

Day 2 - Notes & Quotes From the 2000 Classic in Chicago

WOO DAVES 1ST PLACE 21-5 - Biggest key is using light line. I am using
6-pound line. A lot of guys are using 8 or 12.
On James River, I felt a lot of pressure, being on my home water. I
think that I will go to bed early and get a good night's sleep. I've been
here before. It's not going to bother me. I looked at others up here, and I
think that Shaw Grigsby probably is the only other one that will sleep.
I missed two years (at Classic). I've led a couple of them. I've
been there (close) a lot of times, but it seems it always slips away. I've
fished well in them.
I thought that I caught them all yesterday. I lost one fish
yesterday, which I didn't see. Could have been anything. I changed boat
positioning today. Hoping it will work tomorrow. Smallmouth change
according to the wind.
Caught two fish and didn't catch any others, so I repositioned the
boat and caught those big ones. Then I pulled off and just guarded the
area. Fish are moving up and down a piece of structure. You have to keep
looking until you find them. I know that I left two there that I saw
swimming around.
Plenty of zebra mussels where I'm fishing.
Using a Zoom tube.
I'm fishing in Lake Michigan.
I'm 54, oldest man in the Classic, and I was youngest in 1975, so
I've come full cycle.
We've had spectators out there, and they've been super nice. These
guys are staying way back. Some are watching with binoculars.
It's pretty rough. When I got out of boat, still felt like I was
bouncing around.
Using 1/8, 3/16 and 3/8 jig heads, depending on conditions.
I'm fishing rocks and grass. a little grass and manmade rock piles.
Lead is not insurmountable. These guys can catch fish in bathtubs.
They have a lot of knowledge and you better be scared of them. They are all
great fishermen.

SHAW GRIGSBY 2ND PLACE 17-1- I think what happening is wind and weather.
Limits what you can do. You make a choice, and you don't have much running
room. Today I went south, and got stuck there. You can't adjust. You are
I have this rock shoal that fish are on. Nice quality, 3 pounds a
piece. I thought that I could catch nice fish. First day, tall waves and
cresting, like on a beach, real stained and muddy. Threw baits all around
and didn't get a bite. Lost my faith in area. First day, went north.
Managed to get a limit. Went south to that shoal today, and they were
I'm mixing it up. If can get out to that area, I think that I can
catch them. Missed a nice big smallmouth today on a spinnerbait. If Dewey
lets us launch out of there, I'll have a shot. Hopefully wind won't blow
too hard.
I think that fishery is a lot better than it is showing. In good
conditions, I think that you'd be seeing 12- to 15-pound stringers.
I'm throwing spinnerbaits and tubes. I'm fishing around rock and a
lot of zebra mussels. I'm not having a problem getting them to bite. Just
can't fish (because of conditions).
I'm using 10-pound green Stren line.
I have drunk a lot of Lake Michigan. I'm glad they cleaned this
place up.
I do a lot of saltwater fishing and we have to put up with a ton of
wind and waves. It's pretty much the same thing. But this seems to affect
the fish more. They might hunker down in cracks and crevices or reposition
or just stop biting. Can't catch them in really high waves.

MARK RIZK 3RD PLACE 16-10 - I'm fishing a little of lake and a little of
river. Didn't get much of lake in today. For me, it can go either way. I'm
not really up to going out there and fishing in 6- and 8-foot swells.
We have some big water out West, but nothing like this.
I think that this tournament can be won in either place (lake or
river). I stumbled onto something today; a fig group of feeding fish that
was going crazy. Can be won in either place if you happen into right place
at right time.
I'm using stuff I've never used before. I'm not much of a
smallmouth fisherman. I learned to fish on Clear Lake in the Delta. I'm a
heavy lure, heavy line fanatic. I'm using 4-inch worms here, and tube
baits, something I don't normally use.
A lot of boats in the area that I'm fishing. I'm catching a mixed bag.
Three or four of top ten are in area that I'm fishing.

NORIO TANABE TIED FOR FOURTH 16-6 - I'm fishing in the Chicago River. I
have a few patterns, but always trying in the morning for smallmouth, but
couldn't get the bite. Tried Calumet River yesterday morning, but couldn't
get smallmouth. Decided to go for largemouth bass. Fishing in downtown
area, many people watching.
I'm using 5-inch grub (Palomax?). I caught 10 keepers yesterday, 7
today. I'm using spinning tackle with 8-pound line. I'm cranking the grub.
Most of my fish are in less than 5 feet, even in water depth of 20 feet,
suspended fish.
Very difficult to win with largemouths. Have tried to catch
smallmouths in the morning, but couldn't. If I have a chance to go out
tomorrow, I will try again for smallmouths. Maximum limit of largemouths in
Chicago River probably 10 or 11 pounds.

RICK CLUNN TIED FOR FOURTH 16-6 - I'm the only survivor from yesterday. My
strategy is similar to a lot of people's, except Woo. Most of the rest of
us haven't had much luck with smallmouths. I'm seeing some good ones. Not
tuned in enough to get them to bite. I didn't fish for them today, too
rough to fish for them on the way back. Probably will try same strategy
again tomorrow
I'm cranking for my largemouths. Using a jerkbait for the
smallmouths. Woo is finessing them. I'm trying power baits. Maybe that is
my problem
A lot of what I do tomorrow will be dictated by wind. Too many
things can happen here. It's unpredictable. Wood is going to have to help
us. It is his to win. If he stumbles, no telling who will win.
Classic has showcased largemouth potential. Smallmouth fishery
hasn't been close to being showcased. Not an enormous population, but I
think the ones there are quality.
I think this is a good event, not an easy event. I like tough
events that force you to use all your mental and physical resources.

        B.A.S.S. Web site: http://www.bassmaster.com.

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