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    Grandfather's Fishing Tips
    Eddie Stimac

    Dateline: 12/13/99

    My grandfather told me that when fishing for catfish it is best to use live bait and the best bait he has used is minnows. They are called golden roaches and are big for minnows and sort of expensive. But according to him, catfish and most other large fish love them. You can get them at most bait shops and the prices vary, where I buy them they are 3.00-3.50 a dozen, I think.

    He also said that when fishing or catfish you should fish in cold water with lots of natural hiding places for the fish. I guess they like to hide in weed beds and by dead trees that have fallen in the water. I don't know this for sure but whenever we fish together, grandpa catches more fish than I do. I have gone fishing wirth him before and used the same bait as him and haven't caught a thing, but he always catches something. It may be little, but he always manages to catch a fish.

    Last time we went fishing he caught a 15 pound catfish using golden roaches, so I guess they work real well for him.

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