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      by: Paul Soper, Jr.

      Dateline: 8/23/99

      The lake is shallow in the west end which is in Ohio and deep in the eastern end which is in New York. The walleye migrate in early spring, usually April and May. They are in Ohio and move to the deeper water that is in New York as the water gets warmer. The baitfish also follow this path!

      Now that it is August and the water temp is about 78 degrees on the surface in Dunkirk, we anglers here have to fish for the eyes deeper and deeper. There are many techniques that we use. This whole aspect is called "control depth fishing."

      From the basic long line to the more complex methods, I will start with what we are using daily and killing the walleye on, a rig we call "Dipsy and Wire" For this you need some special rods and other equipment. We use 9 to 11 foot rods that are made for running the Dipsy divers. These diving disk and the rod is modified with a spring guide at the end so the 12 strand wire that we are going to spool up our line counting reel does not cut through the end.

      So now you have a 10 foot pole with spring guide and a Diawa 47 LC reel with about 200 feet of 20 pound test big game line as backing. Then 250 feet of 12 strand wire. The knots on these connections area all glued and a big ballbearing snap swivel is tied at the end of the wire. Cost of a set up rod, reel and line at one of our local fishing shops is $155 to $180!

      Then you must, and I emphasize the must, have the best heavy duty rod holder that you can get mounted to the boat. Through bolting is a must. Most people up this way use the "Big Jon" company stuff. It is the best. Next the Dipsy Divers, costing about $10 to $15 each and come in 3 sizes and 20 colors. We are using the "0" size for this type of fishing.

      You select a color that matches your worm harness and span it to the end of your wire. Then an elastic shock band that comes with the Dipsy is put on the other end of the diver. Now your leader, 30 pound test Big Game is good, about 4 to 5 feet long with a ball bearing snap at both ends, it attached. The worm harness is attached to the leader, and the worms you use have to be the biggest and liveliest worms you can get. Ask for the jumbo worms at the bait store!

      The Dipsy is directional and you turn the base the way you want it to go. The instructions on the package are very simple. The line counter is very important - as you let line out the Dipsy will dive and you will stop it at the depth you want by watching the line counter. This is fairly simple and you will get the hang of it after a couple of times trying. For example, if you set the Dipsy on #2 and let out 120 feet of wire and are trolling at about 1.4 mph, the Dipsy will dive to approximately 50 feet.

      You look on your graph or fish finder to see what depth the fish are holding, and set your stuff for that depth, and away you go! We put one on each side of the boat in horizontal holders - that seems to work best for us!

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