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    Catching and Cooking Bowfin
    by James Luke


    I just read, with great interest, your comments about the bowfin or, as we call them in the hills of Mississippi, the grinnell. To me they are the most exciting fish to try to catch, especially if you are doing it on purpose. We use stiff fiberglass poles and large minnows. We also eat them. Most of my family would rather have grinnell than anyother fish, bypassing bream, catfish and crappie until all the grinnell has been eating.

    The trick to cooking and eathing grinnell is to never let the meat touch water after you dress the fish. We filet the fish and then cut the filets into pieces about a finger and a half wide. The pieces are doused with worchestershire sauce and then mealed and fried just as you would a catfish filet. Grinnell is best when caught before the water gets too warm.

    When you try the recipe, remember not to wash the meat after you dress the fish. Something about that turns the thing to cotton. It is also best if eaten the same day.

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