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Catching  Cold Front Bass
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"Cold high pressure fronts are tough in my book. I have seldom caught any sizable fish on those days. I usually switch to smaller lighter stuff like jigs, I still hit the heavy cover though on those days or look for channel mouths on our northern lakes. My theory is the bigger the bass is the more affect from the pressure changes."
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From October through April cold fronts can really make catching bass tough.  The fish change their habits, feed and move less, and can be real frustrating.  Try these tips to catch them when the temperature drops and you have bluebird skies.

 • Go deep - Bass move to deep water holding areas - get right on top
   of them and jig  for them

 • Fish smaller baits - Bass feed less so offer them a downsized bait 
    to get them to hit

 • Fish tight to cover - Bass hold very tight so flip a small bait right 
   against logs, dock pilings, stumps and brush.

 • Slow Down - Bass are less likely to chase a bait so fish slower

For example, if you have been catching bass by throwing a 5 inch Senko to the shallow post on docks and they are hitting it on the fall, but they quit when a cold front comes through, switch to a 3 inch Senko, drop it right beside the deepest piling on the dock and let it settle to the bottom and sit there without moving.

Bass can be caught after a cold front -  just change your tactics!

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