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Fishing Shows on TV, from A to H

Dateline: 06/09/97

Do you ever go television fishing? There are many interesting fishing shows on national networks and even more on state and local stations. Some are excellent, others just good, but all will teach you something about catching fish if you watch. Saturday and Sunday are the most popular days for these shows but some can be found during the week.

Following is a list of the shows from A to H and some comments about each. Some are seen on only one network, others are carried by several. Some shows are produced for that network only. Local shows vary quite a bit but let me know about any good ones in your area. Also let me know of any I missed!

Bassmasters - Each show reviews a different Bass Anglers Sportsman Society tournament and shows how the pros fished it, who won and how. They are good learning shows and teach a variety of patterns and how to find them on different lakes under different conditions.

Bill Dance Outdoors - Bill Dance was one of the early names on the pro bass trail. His show is very relaxed and full of tips and information for the fisherman. Each one concentrates on a tactic or fishing spot and explains how to take advantage of them.

Fly Fishing America - Travels the US, catching a variety of species on fly rod.

Fishing Lessons - This is one I have not seen. Does anyone have any comments on it?

Fishin' Hole - Hosted by Jerry McKinnis, many of these shows are around his home on the White River of Arkansas. He presents lots of good information about trout fishing but also sometimes fishes for other species.

Fishing with Orlando Wilson - Orlando Wilson is a good old Georgia Boy who fishes the pro bass trail. Most of his shows are about bass fishing but he does chase other species. His shows always offer tips that will help all fishermen from the novice to the pro.

Fishing with Roland Martin - Roland Martin has been the top angler on the BASS trail than any other competitor. His "Oh, son" when he catches a good fish is well known and imitated. Shows feature different species and explanations on how and why the method he is using is working.

Georgia Outdoors - A good example of a local show that produces quality information. It is shown on public television stations in Georgia and cannot be seen outside the state. Your state may have a similar show. Let me know at fishing@aboutguide.com if you know of one where you live.

Go Fish! - Georgia pro bass fisherman Claude "Fish" Fishburn has the most unusual show on TV. He got his start on the pro bass trail but fishes for all kinds of fish. Every week he is seen doing things others probably would not even consider - falling out of the boat, eating bait, talking to the fish - and some odd behaviors as well. There are lots of graphics and sound effects. This show produces laughs as well as information.

Good Fishing - Babe Winkleman takes you fishing for many different species. Usually in Canada or northern US, with trout and walleye featured. There are too many products pushed in this show for me, but he makes them all work. Also has a net site at http://www.winkelman.com/babegf.html

Hank Parker Outdoors - Hanker Parker is a pro bass fisherman with a down home country type show. Often seen fishing with his son, all his shows offer fishing tips and instructions on methods. Usually fishes for bass but other species are sought on some shows.

Next week, the rest of the shows. Check these out and let me know what you think about them at fishing@aboutguide.com.

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