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 Crappie Fishing Patterns
[Part 3: Clark Hill Hotspots
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Clark's Hill is so big it is like two different lakes. The Georgia Little River arm is bigger then most other lakes in the state and is the area I usually fish. The Savannah River side is even bigger and the fish are usually a week or two behind the fish on the Little River arm. Although the good fishing overlaps, you can extend your bank dabbling season by starting on the Little River side and ending on the Savannah River.

Every cove on Clark's Hill holds crappie. You can easily spot the most popular by the numbers of boats in them. This fishing is a lot like a dove shoot. Some folks have fished the same coves every year since the lake was filled in the early 1950's, and whole generations socialize as they fill up their coolers. Some examples of my favorite places to fish will give you an idea of what to look for.

Germany, Rousseau, Hart and Lloyd Creeks as well as the upper end of Little River have been my favorite areas on the Georgia side to catch crappie. I spent many hours in the first big cove on the left as you enter Germany Creek. (1) It is straight across from Raysville Boat Club where I have been a member since 1967. The left bank in the very back end is excellent. There are a couple of pines fishermen cut down into the water and they always hold fish.

In Rousseau Creek, the upper end above the last boat dock is a good protected area to fish. (2) There are lots of trees with their bases in the water, bushes are all along the bank and some big willows are further back in the creek. Also watch for the stick-ups in the flats in the middle of the creek. Fish will hold on them if you can find them in the high water.

As you enter Lloyd Creek, the first cove on your right has a white rock bottom. (3) Button bushes are thick on the left bank and in the back of the left fork. There are several old pines cut down on the right bank of the right arm of this cove. You can circle this one cove all day and catch all the crappie you want.

Just above Big Hart Park on Hart Creek is a shallow cove on the north bank that is excellent for crappie. (4) It is full of button bushes and warms quickly since it is shallow. Crappie tend to move in here early in the season. This area is close to the ramp and camping at Big Hart so you don't have to run far.

If you go all the way up Little River to Kemp Creek (5), you will find deep banks covered with bushes on both sides going in. The crappie come out of the deep river channel to spawn in this cove and you can catch them all up and down the banks. Watch for the small pockets where ditches enter and fish them carefully. The crappie tend to like these protected areas.

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