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Fishing polls are a lot of fun - you get to answer a question and then see how you compare to other fishermen. I have been running polls here for several weeks now, and some of the results are interesting.

In a poll asking "How many days a year do you fish?" 150 people responded. Almost half - 43% - get to fish 5 to 8 days a month. That is just about every weekend! And the most luck 5% get to fish every day! They must be guides or live on a lake. Wish I was one of them. At the other end of the group, 18% fish about 1 day a month or 12 times a year. That would not be enough for me. I get to fish about 4 days a month or about 50 days a year now, down from the 100 days each year a few years back.

Visitors to this site have been fishing a long time! In a poll "How long have you been fishing?" over half - 52% - of the 118 taking the poll have been fishing over 30 years! I fall in that group. I was a little surprised because everybody says mostly younger people use the net. Some of us older folks do, too! There were not many beginners in that poll, only 6% said they had been fishing 2 years or less, and 9% sid 3 to 7 years.

A great majority of folks visiting a poll asking "Do you catch and release?" let most of their fish go. 37% never keep a fish and an additional 40% keep fish rarely, maybe one trip in five. Only a tiny number - 1 person out of 144 - said they keep everything they catch. I practice catch and release most of the time - when I manage to catch something - but I do keep a few small bass about one trip in four to release in hot grease.

In a two part poll on favorite fish, 214 people responded. Bass are the favorite fish of all, with 89 people saying they are their favorites. Catfish follwed with 33, then crappie with 23. People liked walleye - 14, pike - 11, and panfish - 10, better thansalmon - 8, muskie - 4, and gar - 1. Personally, I never met a fish I did not want to catch, but bass are probably my favorite.

This week's poll asks "What is your biggest largemouth?" I will follow that up with smallmouth, walleye, muskie, pike and any other suggestions you offer!

Check out these polls and see where you fit in. If you have any poll suggestions, email me. Also, you can also post information about it for others on my message board - you must register to post but can read the board as a guest. Also, if you have thoughts you want to share about this topic, let me know about it at fishing@aboutguide.com. for a "Fishtale" or discuss it in the chat room on every night at 8:00 ET. Tell others what you like.

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Check out Coming Next Week - Next week's column topic, contest prize and new additions to the resources lists.

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