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Fishing In The Winter
Part 1 - Donnie has a good day
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• Part 1: Donnie has a good day
• Part 2: A cold tournament day
Part 3: Dave Willard gives it his best shot
Part 4: If Dave Willard can't catch fish, nobody can
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"How do you deal with winter fishing?  What do you wear, what kind of fish are you after and do you catch much?"
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Its too cold to go fishing, right? Donnie Johnson comes to my internet chat room most nights and fishes Clark’s Hill almost every Tuesday and Thursday. He lives near Aiken, SC and likes to fish for bass, crappie and hybrids, in that order.

Last week we were kidding him about it being too cold for him to go on Thursday. He agreed, then I told him he had better go since it was going to get real cold over the weekend. He said if he froze he would blame me.

Thursday morning about 9:00 AM my phone rang and it was Donnie calling from the lake. He had just landed an 18 inch long crappie that show an even 3 pounds on his digital scales. He was very excited.

That night in chat he said he weighed the crappie on certified scales on the way home and it weighed 3 pounds, 2 ounces. That is one huge crappie. The biggest I have ever caught weighed about 2.75 pounds and that was a long time ago. I guess I should fish more.

Donnie told me he caught the big crappie on a real big minnow he had bought for bass and hybrids. He had stopped at Hutto’s, a local bait and tackle store, and purchased three dozen small and two dozen large minnows. He thought it was a hybrid when it hit, and he said it fought real good. Although he quit fishing at 2:00 PM that day, he also landed six more crappie as well as a 3.75 pound bass and about a dozen hybrids. All hit live minnows.

Last Sunday 12 members of the Flint River Bass Club did not has such good luck at Lake Sinclair. We fished from 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM and brought a total of 9 bass to the scales. New member J.J. Polluck won it all with a nice 5.04 pound bass he caught on a Shadrap. Gary Blackmon was the only member with two fish and he placed second with 3.10 pounds. Another new member, Bobby Johnson, was third with one bass weighing 1.67 pounds and Bobby Ferris rounded out the top 4 with a 1.57 pound bass.

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