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Knight Lit'l Fishie Shad - Fishing Product Review
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By: Jim Wendell "TEACHERGUY" 

Knight Lit'l Fishie Shad

If it seems like your prey has developed lockjaw, you might give this little soft-sided minnow a try. This often overlooked year-round little wonder can really help in difficult situations. 

The Lit'l Fishie Shad in the 3" size is a most remarkable bait. First, the design is unique. It has a vertical flap on each side near the tail which fills with water and causes it to "wag" its tail when retrieved. 

This bait comes in a package of 3 baits- one rigged on a flat jig head with two line attachment holes-one deep and one shallow. The single hook rides upright through the head and won't hang up unless you really try. It can't be fished wrong. It can be fished shallow when the shad are running, "do nothing" style along the bottom for sluggish fish or swum at the mid-depths.

 I like the color #51 in moss green . It costs about $3.00 for the 3-pack at a Target. The local Wal-Mart has a limited selection.  I didn't get this lure free- well, almost not. I bought a 3-pack on an out-of-state trip and found one spare lure body had a damaged tail fin. 

After e-mailing the company for a replacement, Pam in customer relations assured me that the company would make it right. In a short time, UPS delivered a box of 15 -yes 15- replacement bodies. This is a company that stands behind its products. Not only is the bait excellent, customer service is also.  

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