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Fat Free Fry - Fishing Product Review
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By: Ronnie Garrison

Excalibur Fat Free Fry

When I renewed my membership in BASS in the fall of 1999 my membership kit included a chartreuse Fat Free Fry.  I dropped it in a locker in my boat and forgot about it.

In January I was fishing a club tournament at West Point, throwing a crankbait on riprap.  When I hung up and broke off I looked for another plug and saw the Fat Free Fry.  I tied it on.

Soon after starting to use it I landed a bass that weighed almost four pounds, then caught one weighing almost three pounds.  The two at 6-15 gave me second place.

In a club tournament at Jackson Lake in February, I placed second again with the same plug, catching a five fish limit of little fish.  The weighed right at five pounds.

Linda and I went to Clark's Hill in early March and I caught four bass over five pounds each, as well as several more from 2 to 4 pounds.  That plug really paid off for me. Then I hung it up and broke it off!

I wanted another one so bad I searched all the local stores, but none had it.  I finally ordered two from the net at double the usual price, but I was desperate.  I did not catch another bass on it until December - I pretty much stopped using small crankbaits!

Last Sunday, 12/10/00 I landed two bass at Jackson Lake on the Fat Free Fry.  They weighed 3-15 and gave me second place overall in the two club tournament and first in one club.  I threw the plug all day because I have confidence in it.

The Fat Free Fry is a small plug with a rattle.  I like it in stained water because the chartreuse color is visible and the rattle helps fish find it.  I will keep one tied on all winter, and can't wait to get back to Clark's Hill next March! 

This plug casts well in the wind, runs about six feet deep and has a good tight action.  The hooks on it are very sharp and strong.  The paint holds up good even after catching a lot of bass on it and fishing it on rocks.

I received one Fat Free Fry when I re-upped for BASS. That was the only one, now I have to buy my own.

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