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Fishing Book Review - World Record Game Fishes
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World Record Game Fishes, 1995
Trade Paperback, International Game Fish Association, April 1995
Author: IGFA Staff
Editor: Crawford, Ray

Each year the International Game Fish Association publishes a book listing all record fish from both saltwater and freshwater. It includes line-class, fly rod and junior angler records as well as all-tackle records. Also included are articles, rules for catching and entering record fish, and a reference section on fish. An Appendices offers information about state and worldwide record keeping organizations.

The format for the annual world record books has been consistent for many years. It is well liked and very useful. The information fishermen need is easy to locate in the book.

The IGFA is the official keeper of records, so the staff there is in the perfect position to publish this book and insure the accuracy of its information. They are knowledgeable and produce a book that is accepted as the standard for fishermen interested in records.

Each annual World Record Game Fishes book is a required reference based on the records it contains, but it is filled with other information making it an invaluable addition to every fisherman's library. The articles and rules for submitting a record are good, but the section listing the fish alphabetically, with a drawing and information about each, puts this book in the "must have" category.

Information for all fishermen is included in this book, from knot tying for beginners to bait rigging for experts. As a reference, it answers the often asked question "what is the record?" that all fishermen ask on a regular basis.

Although a new book is published each year with updated records, each one has detailed information every fisherman needs. Annual membership in the IGFA includes a book each year, but past copies are full of useful information, and most records do not change very often. At about one-third the cost of an annual membership, a past copy is well worth the price.

Review by Ronnie Garrison, About.com

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