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April 5, 2000 - Vol. 3, No.13

Public Access
Understanding Bass
Chat Room
Bragging Board
Fishing Poll
Forum Discussion
Salt Water Fishing
Mommyfish's Sturgeon
Joke for Week
Trivia Contest
Tip of the Week
Forum Contest
Thought for the Week
Fishing the Net
Bonus Joke
Affiliate Program
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This Week's Feature - Public Access - http://fishing.about.com/sports/fishing/library/weekly/aa040300a.htm - Access to public lands is a controversial subject.
Fishtales - Understanding Bass - http://fishing.about.com/sports/fishing/library/weekly/bl000403.htm - Part 1 from The Bass Coach
Chat Room - http://fishing.about.com/mpchat.htm
Always open, I host on most Wednesday nights from 8 to 9 pm. Hope to see you there tonight!
Drop in chats every night from 8 to 9 pm.
I try to be there from about 8 to 10 ET most nights - Check it out for chatters between 8 and 9 in your time zone.
NOTE - If you drop in and no one is there, type
*beep enter on and float the chat window. You can go do something else and your computer will beep when someone enters the room.. Email me if you are having problems getting in.
Guest Host in Chat - http://fishing.about.com/mpchat.htm - Eric from NY will guest host chats on Friday nights starting this week. Please join him at 8:00 pm!
Bragging Board - Robert Groody - http://fishing.about.com/library/weekly/blbrb.htm - Robert got a 31 pound Arkansas striper
Fishing Poll - http://fishing.about.com/sports/fishing/library/weekly/blpolllist.htm- How much do you spend on an average fishing trip?
Forum Discussion - http://forums.about.com/n/mb/message.asp?webtag=ab-fishing&msg=376.1 - Anybody got any suggestions? What is the perfect spinnerbait rod?
Saltwater Fishing -Fishing Through the Gas Crisis!- http://saltfishing.about.com/sports/saltfishing/library/weekly/mcurrent.htm
Camping - Camping in Paradise.- http://camping.about.com/library/weekly/mcurrent.htm
Hunting - Sunrise River Custom Knives- http://hunting.about.com/library/weekly/mcurrent.htm - Get a great knife
Fly Fishing - The Truth About Flyfishing Feathers - http://flyfishing.about.com/sports/flyfishing/mcurrent.htm
Site of the Week - Fish of the Month - http://www.geocities.com/Yosemite/Gorge/1079/fishomo.html
Check out Mommyfish's sturgeon! It is the fish of hte month for March/April
Joke for this Week - A Mexican man arrived at an airport in Oakland, California carrying a faked American ID. What he apparently didn't know was that the man he was impersonating was a fugitive wanted on burglary and concealed weapons charges.
Trivia Contest - http://fishing.about.com/library/weekly/blcontest.htm - Answer a trivia question, be entered into a drawing for a prize -A crankbait! - All correct answers received during the week, before noon on Sunday, will be placed in a drawing for the prize
Tip of the Week - Use a topwater bait to find bass. As soon as the water gets into the sixties, start using buzz baits and other topwaters to locate bass. You can cover a lot of water and the strikes you get are exciting!
Upcoming Events - There is a calendar of events on my site - http://fishing.about.com/sports/fishing/gi/pages/mevents.htm - where I list any event I can find related to fishing. I have also posted notes about this site - when articles will be updated, chat topics, fishtales and other things. If you have any event you would like posted there, please email me. I can post them years in advance!
Thought for the Week - My wife still doesn't like the new bass boat I gave her for Valentine's Day
Eight Fishing The Net SITES - http://fishing.about.com/msubfishnet.htm - Each week I feature five to ten sites I have found that week. I get them from newsgroups, email and surfing the net. Check these sites out - they change each week and are moved to my library of links at the end of each week. If you have your own site or a favorite that you would like me to list, email me!
Bonus Joke - A New Jersey state employee resigned recently after being arrested for driving while intoxicated. He lost his job as the director of the New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control.
Affiliate Program - http://affiliates.about.com - To all you webmasters out there, I would like to call your attention to About.com's newly launched Affiliate Program where you can get paid for click-thrus to my my site. Check it out!
WEBMASTERS and site owners - please use this newsletter as a reminder to check your link from Freshwater Fishing. Let me know what you think of my comments about your site. Keep me informed of updates and changes, especially URL changes. I would appreciate a link from your site. Feel free to post information about your site, with a hotlink, to my boards at http://fishing.about.com/mpboards.htm. Also, check out my chat room at http://fishing.about.com/mpchat.htm. The chat room is always open. Contact me if you would like to set up a chat schedule for your site that you would host.
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Powerboating - http://powerboat.about.com/sports/powerboat/mbody.htm -
Saltwater Fishing - http://saltfishing.about.com/sports/saltfishing/mbody.htm -
Waterskiing/ Wakeboarding - http://waterski.about.com/sports/waterski/mbody.htm
Good fishing!
ISSN: 1525-8939
Feel free to send this to other fishermen - or anybody else with a warped sense of humor!

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