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Product Summary
The Complete Tennessee Angler

Guide Rating -  
Pros  •  Good info about species in Tennessee 
•  Detailed info on places to fish in the state
•  Rigging info and tips on fishing each spot excellent
Cons  • Lake history is interesting but does not relate directly to fishing in some cases
The Bottom Line - Good guide book for anyone living in Tennessee or planning a fishing trip there

Product Description
•  The Complete Tennessee Angler gives a detailed description of places to fish in Tennessee
•  Book is written by knowledgeable fishermen
•  Guide to rigging and fishing specific waters is very helpful
Guide Review
The Complete Tennessee Angler
If you fish in Tennessee, you will want to read this book. It not only covers most of the public waters open for fishing, it includes rigs and artificial baits, phone numbers for lake information and contact numbers for guides. There is also information on obtaining maps of the lakes discussed. It would be a great asset for a fisherman living in Tennessee or one planning a trip there.
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